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Jets GM search: Tom Heckert cancels interview with team

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Former Browns general manager cancelled his interview for the same position with the Jets.

Jason Miller

The New York Jets were set to interview former Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert for their vacant GM position, but Heckert decided to cancel the interview Friday night, according to the New York Post.

Heckert spent a few years working with Andy Reid at Philadelphia, leading to some speculation that Heckert could follow Reid to the Chiefs. As Reid has say over who will be in his front office, it could mean that Heckert has a real possibility of being the next general manager for the Chiefs, which was one possibility speculated on Friday.

There is also speculation that Heckert turned down his interview due to salary cap issues that the Jets are facing, however that is possibly a cover up to avoid the embarrassment of Heckert canceling.

One positive for the Jets about Heckert canceling is that he is not even considered to be the team's top candidate for the job. The Jets do have other candidates who they have interviewed or will in the near future, but Heckert was the only known candidate who had experience as a general manager.