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Packers vs Vikings score: Green Bay builds lead just before halftime

Despite a few Joe Webb errant passes, Minnesota has kept it close.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Vikings fans had mixed feelings on the news that Joe Webb would be starting over an injured Christian Ponder. We know that Ponder isn't great, but we don't know much at all about Webb except that he hasn't started since 2010, he led a great comeback in 2011, and he didn't attempt a single pass in 2012.

Those fans probably don't have mixed feelings anymore. They miss Ponder.

Webb is just 3-of-12 for 22 yards and has had some very bad-looking passes and poor decisions while getting sacked. Minnesota now trails Green Bay 17-3 at halftime. What Webb can do well is run, and he has 4 rushes for 43 yards, but the Vikings will need some passing if they are going to catch up to the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers is definitely not Joe Webb. Rodgers is 14-of-18 at the half for 205 yards. Little-known Packers running back (sound familiar?) DuJuan Harris has eight carries for 31 yards and a touchdown. John Kuhn ran for a 3-yard touchdown with 38 seconds left in the half to extend the lead.

If Minnesota has any chance, it better hope that Webb has another comeback left in him. That seems less likely now.