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RGIII Injury: 'I did put myself at more risk being out there'

Robert Griffin III addressed the media after the Redskins' 24-14 loss in the NFC Wild Card playoffs

Patrick McDermott

Robert Griffin III left the Washington Redskins' playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks for good after crumpling to the ground when his knee buckled beneath him in the fourth quarter, but the discussion afterward swirled around whether he should have even been out there at all?

Griffin had tweaked his right knee earlier in the game and had been limping noticeably on the field, even while running for 9-yard gains. He continued to play until suffering that final injury, and he and head coach Mike Shanahan's decision to risk it came under some scrutiny. Here are some of Griffin's quotes in his press conference after the game.

Griffin's play was severely hampered when he was limping, missing throws he normally makes and taking sacks he normally avoids. He's scheduled for an MRI Monday, and if he indeed suffered an ACL tear, chances are he would at least miss part of the preseason next year.