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Buffalo Bills introduce Doug Marrone as head coach

Doug Marrone was officially introduced as Bills head coach at a press conference on Monday.

Jeff Zelevansky

One week after firing Chan Gailey, the Buffalo Bills introduced new head coach Doug Marrone at a press conference Monday. Marrone, who joins the Bills after spending four years as head coach at the University of Syracuse, called his move to Buffalo a "dream come true."

"Today, I am experiencing another dream come true," Marrone said. "I had some opportunities to make a choice, and I've chosen to be here."

Marrone moves to Buffalo with an offensive pedigree, having served as offensive coordinator with the New Orleans Saints from 2006-08. At Syracuse, he improved the Orange offense each season, jumping from an average of 21.2 points per game in 2009 to 30.0 points per game in 2012. Regarding what kind of offense the Bills will run, Marone said, "We want to be innovative. We want to be cutting edge."

Marrone said he will immediately begin the search for his coaching staff. He will look for coaches with NFL experience, especially at the defensive coordinator position, and he does not plan to call his own plays. When asked what schemes he prefers, Marrone said the Bills' personnel will play a part in determining those decisions.

While the details on how his team will look are still vague, one thing was made clear at Marrone's press conference: Hard work will be a necessity for Buffalo to see improvement:

"I'm dying to go to work. We have a lot of work to do."