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Rolando McClain arrest: Raiders LB's alias revealed

The Raiders linebacker was arrested when he provided an officer with a false name after routine traffic stop.

Ezra Shaw

More details have emerged in Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain's arrest this week. McClain was pulled over in Decatur, Ala., for tinted windows, and was then arrested for giving the officer a false name. As for the name McClain gave the officer ...

According to Tafur, the officer asked McClain to provide his real name, at which point the Raiders linebacker said, "that is my name." He could have avoided the arrest and driven off with a ticket, according to the report, had he provided his name.

McClain also produced a letter from his doctor explaining the window tint.

The middle linebacker, a first-round pick by the Raiders in 2010, is still under contract with the team, for now.