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NFL plays of the week: Reggie Bush breaks the game

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Reggie Bush breaks the NFL with a stellar run, while Gene Simmons' rendition of the national anthem was interesting.

The Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers played a surprisingly exciting game between two winless teams. The best play from that game came off the field, but we first head to Detroit to see Reggie Bush break the game.

This shouldn't be possible, Reggie Bush


The promise of Reggie Bush out of USC was these kind of plays -- and every so often we get a glimpse of his unnatural athleticism.

It isn't that Bush was able to make the first defender whiff, it's the vision to see the closing safety go low. This allowed him to hurdle the defender, and somehow he barely lost any speed after leaving his feet before turning up field for another 25 yards.

There were some good runs this week, but Bush's was the best.

And the home of the ... HORNS!


Every performer likes to throw their own slant on the national anthem. Some stretch out the long notes, others might change the tempo (this is never advised), but Gene Simmons was in London to usher in Sunday's game and wanted to show the UK what America is all about. He threw up the horns on the final note, because rock.

It's important to note that England went with a fairly standard rendition of "God Save the Queen" sung by 23-year-old soprano Laura Wright ... so ... yeah.

Tip drill!


There were two seriously bizarre interceptions on Sunday. The first came in Houston where Matt Schaub's pass seemed to bounce off every player on the field, including two uppercuts that finally resulted in a Seattle recovery.

The second interception was ...

The KC kicker


A second entry in weird fumbles came between the Chiefs and Giants when Jamaal Charles dropped a routine pass. The stars aligned to have Mark Herzlich and Antrel Rolle in the perfect position to bounce off each other, careening the ball into Rolle's outstretched arm -- which happened to be in the right place at the right time.

It would be A-OK to see interceptions like this every single week.

NOT THE TOP PLAY: The old switcheroo


Oh, Geno. Sweet, sweet Geno. Nobody has any idea what you're trying to do here. Being under pressure sucks, especially when you're back on the goal line -- but this isn't the time to trot out your Turkey Bowl plays two months early.

This play hardly works in NFL Blitz, let alone on Sunday. It's tempting for a rookie to enter the league and try to reinvent the wheel but how about no more behind the back tomfoolery, OK?

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