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2013 NFL standings, Week 4: 5 undefeated teams left standing

We've hit the quarter pole of the NFL season and teams are beginning to distinguish themselves.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

They didn't all take the same path to this point, but five teams remain undefeated through four weeks of the NFL season. One of those teams needed a huge comeback to remain perfect while two others continued to cruise. Although it's only four games into the season, a couple of teams have created a little separation in their division.

Here's a look the division-by-division standings through four weeks.

AFC East Standings

New England 4 0 0 89 57
Miami 3 1 0 91 91
New York Jets 2 2 0 68 88
Buffalo 2 2 0 88 93

(updated 9.30.2013 at 8:51 PM PDT)

New England now sits atop the division following Miami's loss on Monday Night Football. The Patriots looked much better offensively in Week 4 and will get Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola back soon. Miami has looked good this season, but its defense was exposed against the Saints.

The Jets dropped back to .500 with a disappointing loss to Tennessee while the Bills are 2-2 after pulling off a home upset against the Ravens.

AFC North Standings

Baltimore 2 2 0 91 87
Cincinnati 2 2 0 81 81
Cleveland 2 2 0 64 70
Pittsburgh 0 4 0 69 110

(updated 9.30.2013 at 8:51 PM PDT)

None of the AFC North teams have been especially impressive thus far. Cincinnati had a chance to take over the lead in the division, but lost to Cleveland. The Browns have now won two in a row with Brian Hoyer at quarterback. Heading into the season, how many people expected the Browns to have the best defense in the division?

Pittsburgh continues to struggle on both sides of the ball, although the Steelers are just two games back thanks to struggles from the other teams.

AFC South Standings

Indianapolis 3 1 0 105 51
Tennessee 3 1 0 98 69
Houston 2 2 0 90 105
Jacksonville 0 4 0 31 129

(updated 9.30.2013 at 8:51 PM PDT)

The Colts continued to play well and have the best scoring offense and defense in the division through four games. Tennessee dominated the New York Jets, but lost quarterback Jake Locker in the process. He's expected to be out at least four games.

Houston was well on its way to a 3-1 record, before relinquishing a 20-3 halftime lead and losing 23-20 to Seattle in overtime. Matt Schaub continues to make crucial mistakes that cost the Texans. Jacksonville's rebuilding process continues.

AFC West Standings

Denver 4 0 0 179 91
Kansas City 4 0 0 102 41
San Diego 2 2 0 108 102
Oakland 1 3 0 71 91

(updated 9.30.2013 at 8:51 PM PDT)

The AFC West is the only division with two undefeated teams. The Broncos look like a juggernaut, producing at record offensive levels. The Broncos' defense hasn't been as good as it was last year, but it hasn't mattered with the offense putting up just less than 45 points per game. Kansas City continues to ride a solid offense and dominating defense. The Chiefs have a formula and right now it's working.

Philip Rivers has played extremely well this season, but will it be enough to catch the Chiefs and Broncos? The Chargers are already two games back. Oakland missed Terrelle Pryor on Sunday and will be glad to get him back soon.

NFC East Standings

Dallas 2 2 0 104 85
Philadelphia 1 3 0 99 138
Washington 1 3 0 91 112
New York Giants 0 4 0 61 146

(updated 9.30.2013 at 8:51 PM PDT)

Dallas has been disappointing this season, but its currently on top of the most disappointing division in football. None of the defenses in the division have played especially well. Washington notched its first win of the year against Oakland, while the Eagles have now lost three straight.

The New York Giants have huge issues on both sides of the ball. The defense has been burned time and time again while the offense has done little to help. It's early, but it's hard to see a scenario where New York turns it around this season, even in this division.

NFC North Standings

Detroit 3 1 0 122 101
Chicago 3 1 0 127 114
Green Bay 1 2 0 96 88
Minnesota 1 3 0 115 123

(updated 9.30.2013 at 8:51 PM PDT)

Detroit is on top of the division after handling Chicago its first loss of the season. The Lions won't shut out many offenses but it's all right, because few can stop the Lions. Reggie Bush gives the Lions a threat they missed dearly last year. Following three impressive starts, Jay Cutler had major issues against Detroit. How he plays going forward will likely determine how far Chicago goes.

The Packers are coming off their bye week and used the break to get healthy. Injuries are still an issue, but Green Bay at least has a healthy running back now. Matt Cassel led the Vikings to their first win of the year, although Leslie Frazier said Christian Ponder is still the starter.

NFC South Standings

New Orleans 4 0 0 108 55
Carolina 1 2 0 68 36
Atlanta 1 3 0 94 104
Tampa Bay 0 4 0 44 70

(updated 9.30.2013 at 8:51 PM PDT)

New Orleans stayed undefeated with a 38-17 win on Monday Night Football. Drew Brees and the Saints look nearly unstoppable offensively and the defense is much better than last season. The Saints now have a 2½-game lead in the division.

The Panthers may have one of the best defenses in the league, but they will need to score points if they are going to keep up with New Orleans. The Falcons nearly came back against New England, but now find themselves in an early hole. The Buccaneers are simply a mess on and off the field.

NFC West Standings

Seattle 4 0 0 109 47
San Francisco 2 2 0 79 95
Arizona 2 2 0 69 89
St. Louis 1 3 0 69 121

(updated 9.30.2013 at 8:51 PM PDT)

Seattle needed a huge comeback, but the Seahawks pulled it off. They scored 20 unanswered points against the Texans to escape with the road win, their second of the season. If the Seahawks can pick up wins on the road, no matter how ugly, they are going to be a tough team to catch. Russell Wilson took over in the fourth quarter against Houston, using his arm and legs to bring the Seahawks back, much like he did over the second half of last season.

San Francisco picked up a nice win against the Rams on the road. The 49ers offense, however, has still yet to click like it did last season. The defense has also had more issues than it did a year ago. Arizona is also 2-2, although the Cardinals are going to need to get better offensively if they are going to stay with Seattle and San Francisco. The Rams have been an early season disappointment. The offense has gone backward while a few key defenders suddenly look very old, especially Cortland Finnegan.

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