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Fans cheer Matt Schaub injury, Texans teammates react

Johnathan Joseph, Brian Cushing and T.J. Yates had choice words for the Texans faithful after they showed pleasure in their QB getting hurt.

Bob Levey

In the midst of their fourth straight loss, Texans quarterback Matt Schaub was sacked and left the game with a knee injury. The Houston fans, fed up with the losing and the poor play of Schaub recently, cheered as he was taken off of the field and replaced by backup T.J. Yates.

Most found it in poor taste immediately, but after the game Schaub's teammates had more to add.

Linebacker Brian Cushing said that it was "barbaric" for the fans to cheer one of their own players getting hurt, while cornerback Johnathan Joseph added that if the fans were going to do something like that, then "don't show the f*** up." Even Yates called the booing "straight up disrespectful."

Yates threw an interception on both of his first two drives, one of which was returned 98 yards for a touchdown as the Texans fell to the Rams by a score of 38-13. The problem likely goes deeper than just Schaub.

Here's the play where Schaub got injured and some fans began to cheer.

Houston by random_sports

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