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Did the Patriots get away with holding on the game-winning touchdown?

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New England's left tackle may have held Junior Galette on the game-winning touchdown.

Rob Carr

The last few drives of the Patriots' 30-27 win over the Saints was three minutes of frustration and magnificence, especially for the Saints and their fans. The image below isn't going to make the loss any easier for Saints supporters to handle. We present it only as an artifact, without comment one way or the other.

On second-and-10 with five seconds left on the clock, Tom Brady threaded a needle through the arms of a Saints defender. Kenbrell Thompkins caught it for the game-winning touchdown. Back at the line, New Orleans' pass rushers swept up field to get at Brady. New England's line kept them at bay.

However, left tackle Nate Solder's block on Junior Galette looks like it had a little extra legal help on it. It's hard to tell from this picture where the refs are and whether or not they had a good angle to see it. And would Galette have gotten to Brady in enough time to stop him?

Judge for yourself.


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