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Houston fans cheer Matt Schaub injury as Texans hit rock bottom in Week 6

This is what rock bottom looks like for Matt Schaub and the Houston Texans.

Bob Levey

Just when you thought things couldn't get much worse for Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, he hit rock bottom on Sunday in a 38-13 loss to the St. Louis Rams in Week 6.

Schaub, who entered the game with a pick six in an NFL-record four straight games, didn't fare much better against the Rams. He threw for only 186 yards and was sacked three times before exiting the game with an injury.

To make matters even worse, as Schaub was down on the field, Texans fans began to cheer. Maybe they didn't realize what they had in Schaub, though, because T.J. Yates entered the game and threw two interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown.

Houston's quarterback situation is a complete mess, and that's creating issues for the entire team. It's tough for the offense to get anything going, and the Texans seem to lack confidence and are getting more and more frustrated with every week that goes by.

It's not all on the quarterback position, but with things turning south in Houston, it doesn't help that the team doesn't have anyone to rely on under center. Schaub was once that guy, but his body and mind both have failed him in 2013. The rest of the Texans' roster is starting to follow suit, and jobs are all of a sudden on the line in Houston.

So maybe Texans fans were cheering Schaub's injury, but there won't be much else to cheer about in 2013.

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