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Patriots try to limit leaks on injuries; Jerod Mayo surgery report surfaces immediately

After a number of anonymous reports on the status of Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots are trying to stop information from leaking out.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

New England's Danny Amendola left Sunday's game with a head injury and there haven't been any updates on his status in the 48 hours since. It turns out that is by design and the Patriots are attempting to limit injury information from being leaked out of the locker room, according to Tom Curran, via Pro Football Talk.

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The added emphasis on reducing leaks comes after weeks of reports and anonymous sources leaking information on tight end Rob Gronkowski's status. The frequent and contradictory reports on Gronkowski eventually evolved into reports that some players were upset the tight end had yet to play in a game, despite practicing well. According to the report from Pro Football Talk, the latest effort to eliminate information leaks is in part to eliminate any possible locker room conflicts.

According to Curran, New England has even enlisted team security to try to find out who leaked information about Gronkowski. The resulting information shutdown has had mixed results in the early going. While there have been no reports on the status of Amendola, Aqib Talib or Dan Connolly, Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports reported linebacker Jerod Mayo had surgery on Tuesday and could miss the rest of the season.

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