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Buccaneers want your help with Darrelle Revis

The Buccaneers are taking some heat for the mismatch of Darrelle Revis and their defensive scheme.. And DC Bill Sheridan has had enough.

Rich Schultz

Have you ever spent 15 minutes at the water cooler breaking down man coverage schemes to your coworkers? Is your Madden record based mostly on making deft choices for the defense? Can you chart a new path back to Revis Island?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, your dream job is waiting for you ... in Tampa Bay.

Buccaneers defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan is taking some heat for a struggling Darrelle Revis, the former Jets shutdown corner that the Bucs gave up a first-round pick to get this spring. The problem, according to fans and professionals alike, is Sheridan's decision to stick Revis in zone coverage rather than man-to-man.

ESPN's Ron Jaworski said this following the Bucs' Week 6 loss to the Eagles:

Revis exclusively aligned on the left side of the field (on outside) for the entire game and didn't move around the formation at all (so he did not match up to the Eagles best WR for the whole game) - it is surprising that the Buccaneers do not ask Revis to matchup with their opponents best WR (alone on his island) and rotate coverage to help other defenders.

Sheridan's heard enough, and he invited armchair defensive coordinators to do better. One warning, prospective coordinators, the job involves long days.

Via Jenna Laine at Sports Talk Florida:

"What I want to invite them to do is join us. I get here about 5:20 [a.m.] every single morning, and they're more than welcome to hang around here until about 11:00 [p.m.] for the first four nights of the week and they can help us put the whole game plan together.

"... we'll be happy to take those suggestions on how we can better use Darrelle. Trust me when I tell you we painstakingly game plan how best to use all of our personnel not just Darrelle."

At 0-5, the Buccaneers might want to think about the idea of crowd-sourcing their play calling. It couldn't really be much worse than what the coaches there are doing now.

Nevertheless, it's a job opportunity, and in these difficult economic times, we're compelled to pass it along to the general public.

This is the Buccaneers, so the salary is strictly entry level. You'll need a Staphylococcus vaccination too. There is one important benefit to the job, sure to woo thirsty tape crunchers, as described by Sheridan:

"We've got all the free cokes you want in the building."

A trip to the soda fountain would make it a little easier to deal with Greg Schiano yelling and screaming and leaking personal information about everyone.

If you are interested, slap a resume together and it to the Bucs.

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