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Brandon Weeden is the NFL's most entertaining terrible quarterback

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Let's check in on the Browns quarterback's Week 7 adventures.

Brian Kersey

If nothing else, at least Brandon Weeden makes the Browns entertainingly horrible. Weeden started the first half against the Packers by completing two of his first 11 passes, mixing in an interception and posting a 1.7 quarterback rating.

Cleveland was noncompetitive in the first half, but it's not quite the blowout you would expect in Green Bay. But down two scores, was there ever any question about whether Weeden could close the gap? The 30-year-old sophomore quarterback is a statue in the backfield, unable to evade anything and often hastily ejecting the ball from his possession.

This generally panicky state led to the worst interception of the 2013 season last week, and he's looked particularly lost this Sunday too. The stats are awful, but they don't quite convey how bad the repeated missed throws and miscommunication with his pass-catchers actually look. The ugly day was best summed up by this sequence:

Visual proof:


McGahee's exasperated look back is the universal reaction for almost every Weeden throw. But again, at least it's entertaining.

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