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Matthew Stafford goes over the top for the game-winning touchdown

The Lions beat the Cowboys at the last-second with one of the strangest plays of the day.

It looked like the Dallas Cowboys had it all wrapped up, with barely over a minute to go against the Detroit Lions. Never assume anything in a game involving the Cowboys. Detroit got the ball back, moved it down the field right away and scored the game-winning touchdown on the highlightiest play in a game full of them.

Stafford hits Calvin Johnson for 22 yards. He's stopped at the on-yard line with 14 seconds left. Detroit runs down the field, gets lined up ... confusion ensues. The obvious play was a spike, giving the Lions a minute to get set. The Dallas defense is lined up, ready for something to come up the middle, but ...

Matthew Stafford goes over the top and stretches out for the score. He ran it in, just in case too.


And the spike for added emphasis.