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Greg Schiano close to losing Buccaneers locker room, according to report

The Buccaneers cut Josh Freeman, but they have more trouble on the horizon.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released quarterback Josh Freeman on Thursday, but the organization's in-house drama isn't over yet. NFL columnist Michael Silver is reporting that an unnamed player told him that head coach Greg Schiano could lose the locker room.

Schiano's hard-nosed approach is well-documented in NFL circles, but his meticulous organization hasn't translated to wins in 2013. The Buccaneers are 0-4 on the season, losing last week to the Arizona Cardinals after making a quarterback change to rookie Mike Glennon.

Silver asked if Schiano could lose the locker room, to which the player said: "Unless we start winning games ASAP, absolutely." There were reports this offseason that a players-only meeting was conducted to discuss the team's captaincy vote, as it was alleged Schiano rigged the player voting to ensure Freeman was not made a captain in 2013.

Raheem Morris was Schiano's predecessor and lasted 48 games before being fired following the 2011 season. He finished his three-year tenure with a win record of 0.354. Schiano currently has a 0.350 record since taking over the reigns in 2012.

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