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2013 NFL standings, Week 5: Broncos, Chiefs, Saints still perfect

After Week 5's action, the standings around the NFL have undergone some renovation.

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Then there were three.

Five teams owned perfect records heading into Sunday's contests, but not all five were lucky enough to escape the day with a victory. Tom Brady and the Patriots failed to score a single touchdown in a loss to the Bengals and the Seattle Seahawks couldn't solve Andrew Luck en route to joining the ranks of the 4-1 teams.

The Saints rolled past the Bears and, after five weeks, it's safe to say there's no illusion at work here. Rob Ryan's defense is playing well and Drew Brees looks like, well, Drew Brees. Kansas City's defense gave Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Titans nightmares, preserving the Chiefs' status as the most surprising team of 2013. Peyton Manning and the Broncos looked vulnerable for the first time this season, but still survived a 51-48 scare against the Cowboys.

Here's a look the division-by-division standings through five weeks:

AFC East Standings

New England 4 1 0 95 70
Miami 3 2 0 114 117
New York Jets 2 2 0 68 88
Buffalo 2 3 0 112 130

The Patriots lost their battle against the Bengals on Sunday, but still lead the division by one game. Luckily for Tom Brady and New England, Buffalo and Miami also lost in Week 5, but the entire division will watching the Jets' matchup against the Falcons on Monday Night Football to see if New York can gain any ground. The Dolphins have the best shot of any team to challenge the Patriots' stranglehold on the division, but the offensive line was once again exposed as a liability this weekend.

AFC North Standings

Baltimore 3 2 0 117 110
Cleveland 3 2 0 101 94
Cincinnati 3 2 0 94 87
Pittsburgh 0 4 0 69 110

The three-way tie at the top of the AFC North is the result of three wins in Week 5. The Ravens defeated the Dolphins, the Browns dismantled the Bills and the Bengals neutered the Patriots. The lowly Steelers were on a bye.

AFC South Standings

Indianapolis 4 1 0 139 79
Tennessee 3 2 0 115 95
Houston 2 3 0 93 139
Jacksonville 0 5 0 51 163

The Colts continue to lead the division following Week 5 after handling the Seahawks to keep their first place spot, but they were also helped by losses from the rest of the division. The next opponents for all four teams will be scattered throughout the league in Week 6. Houston continued falling this week, dropping an ugly one to San Francisco in prime time as Matt Schaub was benched in favor of T.J. Yates after the incumbent set a new NFL record with his fourth straight game with a pick six. Tennessee put up a good fight against the Chiefs, but it wasn't enough. The Titans will be hurting with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, but the defense can keep them in the AFC playoff hunt.

AFC West Standings

Denver 5 0 0 230 139
Kansas City 5 0 0 128 58
San Diego 2 3 0 125 129
Oakland 2 3 0 98 108

The AFC West continues to turnaround the once-popular notion of it being a weak division. The presence of Peyton Manning, Andy Reid and a revitalized Philip Rivers have allowed for the division to be successful this season. Circle Week 11 on your calendar. That's when the Chiefs and Broncos meet for the first time this season. Both have a very good chance of being undefeated when that game happens and Kansas City's defense has all the parts to be a problem for the Broncos.

NFC East Standings

Dallas 2 3 0 152 136
Philadelphia 2 3 0 135 159
Washington 1 3 0 91 112
New York Giants 0 5 0 82 182

The Eagles and Cowboys are tied for first place following Week 5, but neither team has a winning record. The Cowboys lost to the Broncos in a historic shootout while the Eagles beat their divisional rivals in the Giants. The Redskins were on bye this week and stay idle in the standings. The Eagles will look to gain ground on the Cowboys with a game against the Buccaneers in Week 6. Dallas and Washington go head-to-head next week and the Giants get a tough draw against the Bears. Could the NFC East send a team with a .500 record, or worse, to the playoffs? It's possible. That team would also be guaranteed one playoff game at home.

NFC North Standings

Detroit 3 2 0 131 123
Chicago 3 2 0 145 140
Green Bay 2 2 0 118 97
Minnesota 1 3 0 115 123

The Lions and Bears are at a standstill following both of their losses in Week 5. The Lions beat the Bears in Week 4 so Detroit currently has the edge in the division. Green Bay's win over the Lions has them poised to jump Detroit if the Lions stumble, though. The Vikings added quarterback Josh Freeman during the bye week. Freeman and his new teammates play host to the Panthers next week, then take a trip to face the woeful Giants after that. With two winnable games coming up, don't count out the Vikings yet. The Bears have a chance to gain ground in the weeks ahead with dates against the Giants and Redskins over the next two weeks. Green Bay's offensive line has a tall order with a trip to Baltimore in Week 6. The Lions are in Cleveland.

NFC South Standings

New Orleans 5 0 0 134 73
Carolina 1 3 0 74 58
Atlanta 1 3 0 94 104
Tampa Bay 0 4 0 44 70

The Saints remain undefeated following an impressive victory against the Bears. New Orleans clearly own the division that features no other team with more than one win. The Buccaneers were on bye and the Panthers lost to the Cardinals, leaving them squarely at the bottom of the totem pole in the NFC South. The Falcons will host the Jets on Monday Night Football. A win will keep Atlanta's fading hopes for a Wildcard alive. Road games against the Cardinals and Panthers over the next two weeks don't look as easy for the Falcons as they once did. The Saints take on the Patriots in Week 6.

NFC West Standings

Seattle 4 1 0 137 81
San Francisco 3 2 0 113 98
Arizona 3 2 0 91 95
St. Louis 2 3 0 103 141

It looked like the Seahawks might put some distance between themselves and the rival 49ers. A two-game win streak by San Francisco and a Seattle loss to the Colts has narrowed the race for the division crown, though. The Cardinals and Rams scratched out a pair of default wins this week against the Panthers and Jaguars, respectively. Neither one of those teams pose a real threat to the Niners or Seahawks, however. San Francisco and Arizona play each other in Week 6 before Jim Harbaugh's team takes road trips to Tennessee and Jacksonville. Seattle hosts the Titans, followed by trips to Arizona and St. Louis.

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