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Jon Gruden doesn't know how to pronounce 'Ryan Tannehill'

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Tanny-hill. Tanny-hill. Tanny-hill.

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Mike Ehrmann

Ryan Tannehill is the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. His name is pronounced "Tan-uh-hill."

Jon Gruden, whose job it is to say the names of NFL players, amongst other things, was unaware of this. He appears to think his name is pronounced "Tanny-hill." Also, it's important to note that he's sitting next to Mike Tirico, who continues to pronounce Tannehill's name, you know, correctly.

At one point in time, Jon Gruden knew how to say Ryan Tannehill's name. Here he was doing his QB Camp schtick with Tannehill before the 2012 NFL Draft:

Gruden's QB Camp - Ryan Tannehill from Gruden Tanny on Vimeo.

But apparently, Gruden has lost his pronunciation ability over the years.

I'm seriously starting to wonder whether or not Gruden actually is aware of the names of any NFL players, and whether him referring to all of them by folksy nicknames -- "I CALL THIS GUY (XXXX), BECAUSE HE ALWAYS SEEMS TO BE (XXXXXXXX SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT THING)" -- is actually just his way of masking it.