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Mike Glennon helps Buccaneers hang on against Dolphins for first win

He may not have put up huge numbers, but Glennon helped the Buccaneers win and showed some subtle improvement in the process.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Glennon was not perfect on Monday night.

He was far from it, in fact. A handful of his passes were inaccurate, he occasionally moved around awkwardly in and around the pocket, and his final stat line (53 percent completion percentage, 139 yards, one touchdown, one interception) was far from ideal.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed to hang on in the second half against the Miami Dolphins, though, picking up their first win of the season with a 22-19 victory. Glennon had a hand in that.

To Glennon's credit, he's steadily improved and been more in control than most expected this early.

Consider the situation Glennon has been thrown into. The Buccaneers' coaching staff threw him in early in the season, probably before he was ready, after setting up Josh Freeman to fail. Glennon, who struggled in college with hanging onto the ball too long and with handling pressure, has been asked to throw a lot of deep developing passing routes, which tested his bad habits.

To Glennon's credit, he's steadily improved and been more in control than most expected this early. While it's too early to call him the future of the franchise, it's not fair to write him off, either. His arm has been every bit as live as expected based on Glennon's time at North Carolina State. He's able to stretch the field and take advantage of a few of the offensive weapons Tampa has left.

More surprising, Glennon has shown improved poise under pressure. He's still not a smooth athlete in the pocket. He struggles to move around and could still be getting the ball out quicker. He's not completing breaking down under pressure like he tended to do in college, however. After taking two sacks on Monday night, Glennon has now been sacked at least twice in the every one of the six games he's played in, which is an indictment on him as much as it is on the Bucs' offensive line.

Also working against Glennon is the fact that the Buccaneers are without running back Doug Martin and lost his backup on Monday night as well. He hasn't exactly been working with a high-octane offense.

In the end, Glennon won't remember the sacks or his interception. He won't remember the completion percentage or his mediocre yardage total. He'll remember that he managed to win his first career NFL game on a total mess of a team. He may also remember the touchdown pass he threw, which happened to be to a 340-pound man.


Glennon may not be the long-term answer at quarterback for the Buccaneers. Monday night certainly did provide any more clarity on the issue. He does, however, have seven more games to prove his worth. He has been far from perfect, but nobody expected perfection, and there's no reason to rush to judgement on the rookie at this point.

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