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Keepers Week 11: Ben Tate and Bobby Rainey to the rescue

Need sits and starts for Week 11? Are you an Arian Foster or Mike James owner looking for help? Keepers is here with fantasy advice for Week 11 in the NFL.

So you had Arian Foster or Mike James on your team, did you? Tough break (literally, for you James owners), but not all hope is lost. If you were smart enough to handcuff Foster with Ben Tate, you'll want to have Tate in the lineup moving forward as he plays for a new contract with seven games remaining. The Bucs' Bobby Rainey could be a viable fill-in with James out for the season, so snag him if you need some running back help.

While we're on the topic of running backs, you'll probably want to stay away from C.J. Spiller, Fred Jackson and Stevan Ridley, all of whom face staunch rushing defenses this week.

If you're looking to make some late-season trades, now's a good time to sell high on Tavon Austin, whose three touchdowns last week are likely a flash in the pan. Who knows, maybe you can swing him for Eli Manning, who has thrown just one pick in his last three games and benefits from the return of Andre Brown and a healthy run game.