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Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson argument caps off Texans loss

Johnson left the field early after he got into it a bit with his quarterback in the 4th quarter.

It's been a rough season for the Houston Texans. As they lost to the Raiders on Sunday, Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson got into a shouting match on the sidelines shortly after they were stopped in the red zone late in the fourth quarter.

Houston's offense came off the field with just over a minute to play after failing to convert from the Raiders' two-yard line. Schaub couldn't connect with Johnson on fourth down, with the big receiver covered tightly by Oakland in the end zone.

Johnson, who is regarded as one of the nicer and more level-headed players in the NFL, did the smart thing by walking away instead of adding fuel to the fire. He headed to the locker room with a couple of seconds still left on the game clock, though all Oakland had to do at that point was just take a knee at that point. The loss marks Houston's eighth straight loss, and the fifth time they've lost by five points or fewer.

Schaub came into the game in place of Case Keenum during the third quarter. He met with the media after the game:

Johnson ended Sunday with 10 receptions for 116 yards.

The decision to bring Schaub into the game didn't sit well with disappointed Texans fans. After all, they were burning his jersey in the parking lot earlier this season. The boos from the stands got so bad that it forced the Texans do things a little differently than they would have preferred.

Houston's not going to be able to get away from upset fans and QB controversy this week.

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