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NFL plays of the week: Trick plays, interceptions and Terry Bradshaw

Weather put a damper on a few games in Week 11, but there were still some excellent plays including a nightmare moment with Terry Bradshaw.

Week 11 in the NFL had blustery wind conditions, important matchups with playoff potential and larger questions at quarterback. It still gave us a few excellent plays, and the strangest Terry Bradshaw moment of the season.

Trickery in Ohio


The Cincinnati Bengals needed to find creative ways to fight through the wind whipping through Paul Brown Stadium. Andy Dalton struggled to fight through crosswinds in a Week 10 game against Baltimore, and on Sunday the team tried a touch of trickery when they needed to go deep.

Nobody is saying Mohamed Sanu has the arm strength of Dalton, but this play has been run twice since he was drafted in 2012. We'd like to see more of it.

INT rhymes with JPP


This season hasn't been kind to Jason Pierre-Paul. The All-Pro defensive end has two sacks on the year, but an interception against the Green Bay Packers was his most impressive play.

Pierre-Paul's timing was impeccable not only to defend the pass, but snatch it from the air and run it back for a touchdown.

Maybe this whole Scott Tolzien thing isn't the best idea.

It's just a touch windy


This video has not been doctored, we promise. Kicker Nick Folk compensates for the wind by aiming almost directly at the left upright, but he couldn't have predicted the gust that took the ball and moved it over 20-feet to the right.

It almost looks like the ball hit an invisible upright. Nice play, Mother Nature.

Run Charles run


In order to win against the Broncos, the Kansas City Chiefs needed a big game game from Jamaal Charles. He played well, finishing with 78 yards -- but it wasn't enough.

This impressive run could have been the play of the year. Keeping his feet in bounds would have resulted in the best rushing touchdown of the season, and he was extremely close.

Not the play of the week: Terry Bradshaw, the Red Baron


This drone runs on nightmare fuel.

It's nice to see Terry Bradshaw have so much fun, but I've never seen an adult filled with this much glee. Kudos to him aiming the controller at the drone itself, as it reminds me of watching my mom play "Super Mario Land" on the Game Boy for the first time.

More gadgets for Terry, please.

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