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Video: Bill Belichick discusses pass interference flag at end of Patriots vs. Panthers

The Patriots despotic coach is sick of his team falling on the wrong side of these controversial endings.

Grant Halverson

As you might expect, Bill Belichick was not in the best mood after the Patriots' narrow loss to the Panthers, which ended with yet another officiating dispute that went against New England.

Belichick was extra frosty with the media, trotting out the usual non-answers and cliches ... until he went a little further discussing the final play of the game. He did not keep his team on the field or get to speak with any of the refs before they left the field.

This is not unfamiliar territory for the Hall of Fame coach, who specifically cited a prior disputed ending against the Ravens: "Last time I tried to ask an official about a call, that was the wrong thing to do ... so, I have no idea." This was the scene at the end of that game (when a FG went over the upright and was not reviewed):


Tom Brady, however, did give the officials an earful before they were able to get off the field.

According to the Patriots head coach, this was the "fourth time" that New England fell on the wrong side of a questionable call to decide a game. The most recent and egregious example came earlier this year in Week 7, when the Patriots were flagged for a 15-yard penalty on a missed game-ending field goal against the JetsBelichick disagreed with that rule interpretation, and even though he didn't get a chance to talk to the refs this time, we imagine he disagrees with this ending too. His postgame remarks:

This wasn't quite the Packers-Seahawks MNF disaster of last season, but it was still chaotic. It should be a fun Tuesday morning in New England.

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