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Chris Long pulls Kyle Long out of fight in Bears-Rams game

The battle between the Long brothers was expected to be intense, but a fight in the second quarter really went above and beyond.

Things got heated in the second quarter of the Bears-Rams game in St. Louis. Kyle and his brother, Chris, got right into the middle of it.

After an incomplete pass from Josh McCown that looked like a fumble, a shoving match escalated into a something a little more intense. Bears rookie guard Kyle Long was right in the middle of it, and was seen kicking one of the Rams players. With things escalating, Kyle's brother Chris, a defensive end for the Rams, ran out onto the field and pulled his brother out of the fight ... with a little fight of his own.


Neither player got ejected, which is a little suspect. Chris Long was ejected for less earlier in the season, in a game against the Panthers during a scrum. Kyle Long got a personal foul penalty, but he can probably expect a fine too. Had the refs seen the kick, he might have been tossed.