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Robert Griffin III gets kicked in the groin by Aldon Smith

It hasn't been a fun night for RG3. And it got less fun here.

We told you that defenders were hitting Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick hard on Monday Night Football... but we didn't mean like this:


Yeah, that's Aldon Smith with a direct kick to RG3's groinal region (technical term.) It doesn't seem like Smith had ill will from first look -- he was getting shoved by an offensive lineman -- and if he did, he did a pretty slick job of disguising a very dirty play.

Griffin hopped around while trying unsuccessfully to point out to a referee that he'd just been kicked in the area to a referee:


But being incidental and all, there wasn't a ton the ref could do besides pat Griffin on the head.

And to add insult to injury, Griffin's throw was ruled to be caught by a receiver out of bounds.