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Richie Incognito responds to 'false speculation' in Jonathan Martin case

Richie Incognito is not happy about the reports that link him to teammate Jonathan Martin's absence from the Dolphins.


Since Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin left the team to deal with personal issues, there have been several reports of hazing on the part of his teammates. Veteran guard Richie Incognito was mentioned by ESPN, FOX Sports and several other outlets as being part of the problem. However, the NFLPA released a statement that indicated that the organization is not investigating Incognito (or any other player) for any wrongdoing.

With the NFLPA clearing Incognito's involvement, the Pro Bowl guard is taking to Twitter to call out those who falsely accused him of hazing:





Incognito's Twitter tirade also featured quotes that expressed his feelings towards the reporters that made him look like the leader of a possible hazing. The guard is clearly most disheartened by the reports of ESPN reporter Adam Schefter.



Despite Schefter's report about Incognito, Martin and his teammate shared a text message that featured the former saying it was "just the culture around football, and the locker room got to me a little." The Dolphins have also released a statement on Sunday that indicated that teammates have been in contact with Martin since his departure from the team. However, unless the atmosphere changes around the locker room, Martin may not return to the team, according to NFL Media's Ian Rapoport.

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