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NFL Week 9: Live coverage

Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White leads SB Nation's NFL team for live analysis and conversation during Sunday's games. Jump in with questions, comments, and observations from your favorite game.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Van Bibber [7:43 PM]:

Follow the SNF action here

Stephen White [7:38 PM]:

Yall be easy and thanks for joining in the discussion again this week.

Stephen White [7:35 PM]:

Won not wont

Stephen White [7:35 PM]:

Is Weeden the only Browns QB who hasnt started a game they wont his year? Cuz that would kinda suck

Ryan Van Bibber [7:33 PM]:

i don’t know if i’d trust the Ravens offense to make it happen though

Ryan Van Bibber [7:33 PM]:

Browns are stuffed on third down

Stephen White [7:24 PM]:

Jason Campbell ONIONS

Ryan Van Bibber [7:23 PM]:

i’ll say this, the Browns defense is not to be ignored. I can’t believe Ray Horton got such a shitty deal in AZ

Stephen White [7:19 PM]:

Steelers are pretty much done. Only thing left is to see if the Ravens can come back

Ryan Van Bibber [7:19 PM]:

helluva game for the Bucs there tho

Stephen White [7:18 PM]:

But its not. And… I need a drink

Ryan Van Bibber [7:18 PM]:

oh man, damn near lost it there

Stephen White [7:17 PM]:

And Seahawks go chicken ish playing for the field goal. Hope they miss or its blocked

Stephen White [7:17 PM]:

Sorry folks, been mesmerized by a certain team needing to blitz every play to stop the run…but not stopping it

Stephen White [7:16 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [7:12 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [7:12 PM]:

Seattle’s defense in man coverage is something to behol

Ryan Van Bibber [7:10 PM]:

oh man, Ravens got a huge break on that play … Flacco sacked, but Browns get flagged for holding down the field. Automatic 1st down

Stephen White [7:10 PM]:

They high lowed McCoy and he is shaken up

Stephen White [7:09 PM]:

Seahawks ball…at their 40 after the punt return. FG wins

Stephen White [7:08 PM]:

Nah man nah

Stephen White [7:06 PM]:

Baltimore within 3 of Cleveland 18-21

Stephen White [7:05 PM]:

Bucs get the ball first. Need to get back to the run game

Stephen White [7:04 PM]:

Im sorry 4th and 3

Stephen White [7:03 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber yeah cant go for it, youre giving them the game with a FG if you dont make it. It was like 3rd and 3

Stephen White [7:03 PM]:

Annnd Brady to Dobson for a TD. 34-27 over the Steelers

Ryan Van Bibber [7:02 PM]:

@sgw94 i’m not a fan of that move, but i guess they had to play it conservative there since they were at the 50

Stephen White [7:02 PM]:

Free football in Seattle

Stephen White [7:01 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber tried to make them jump. They didnt

Stephen White [7:01 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [7:01 PM]:

what happened to the Bucs on that delay penalty?

Ryan Van Bibber [7:00 PM]:

what, they had two TOs left?

Stephen White [7:00 PM]:

Excuse me 25 secs

Stephen White [6:59 PM]:

Bad clock management by Carroll. Let wayyyy too much time go off the clock. Glennon went down with 38 seconds left. Now its 20

Ryan Van Bibber [6:58 PM]:

need some schiano men here

Stephen White [6:53 PM]:

What the Bucs have to do is take what Seattle gives them and don’t press for the big play. Got time to get in FG range

Charlie Gebow [6:53 PM]:

Stop trying to make Matt Barkley happen

Oh No Romo [6:53 PM]:

Not been a good second half for Pryor

Ryan Van Bibber [6:52 PM]:

get Barkley out of here

Oh No Romo [6:52 PM]:

Another interception for the Eagles.

Stephen White [6:51 PM]:

Welp. Seahawks tie the score

Stephen White [6:49 PM]:

Patriots kick a FG to go up 3

Stephen White [6:47 PM]:

Russell Wilson is a wizard

Stephen White [6:44 PM]:

Patriots driving already inside the Steelers 35

Stephen White [6:42 PM]:

Looks like the punter shanked it and the Seahawks will have good field position

Stephen White [6:41 PM]:

3 and out for the Bucs

Stephen White [6:39 PM]:

While i was celebrating the Steelers tied it up at 24 with the Pats. Cotchery again

Stephen White [6:37 PM]:

Plus 15 yards for a face mask against the Seahawks

Stephen White [6:37 PM]:

Seahawks dummies for not running it in

Stephen White [6:36 PM]:


Stephen White [6:36 PM]:


Stephen White [6:35 PM]:

Uh oh, Gregory hurt for the Pats

Stephen White [6:29 PM]:

Mike Bennett with a sack….

Ryan Van Bibber [6:29 PM]:

Blount rushed for 164 yards against Seattle when he was with the Bucs

Stephen White [6:27 PM]:

Mike James 151 yards so far

Stephen White [6:24 PM]:

Seahawks kick a field goal and are also now down 7. Bucs have to hold the ball on offense and hopefully score

Oh No Romo [6:23 PM]:

That’s 7 for Foles. That one goes to Cooper

Stephen White [6:23 PM]:

Steelers score a TD, Ben to cotchery now down 7

Oh No Romo [6:22 PM]:

Foles to Jackson again, first down in the Raiders red zone

Stephen White [6:17 PM]:

Ridley also mightve been out of bounds when he tried to catch it

Stephen White [6:17 PM]:

Steelers ball on a fumble by Ridley but it was a pass and im not sure he ever had control

Stephen White [6:16 PM]:

Brady to Amendola moves the chains for the Pats on 3rd down

Stephen White [6:14 PM]:

Seahawks at the Bucs 25

Stephen White [6:14 PM]:

Oh my damn that punt return by golden tate. Not a TD but 71 yards

Stephen White [6:11 PM]:

ISO weak again, Mike James is on fire today

Charlie Gebow [6:10 PM]:

I do love people going “BUT IT’S TEH RAIDERZ” because every Quarterback ever has thrown 15 TDs a game against the Raiders. It’s science

Ryan Van Bibber [6:09 PM]:

6 TD passes in a game has only been done 30 times

King in Canada [6:08 PM]:

Chip Kelly just needs a QB that can do Chip Kelly things #stopthehate

Clay Wendler [6:07 PM]:

PFT Commenter [6:07 PM]:

Eliteness should just be spmething that changes week to week,, its a what have you done for me lately league I dont have time to remember who has what award

Stephen White [6:07 PM]:

Oh No Romo [6:07 PM]:

Something tells me Dennis Allen will be burning all footage of the Eagles game.

Charlie Gebow [6:06 PM]:

So… about those Hot Takes on the Chip Kelly offense….

Stephen White [6:05 PM]:

Make that 6 touchdowns for Foles

Oh No Romo [6:05 PM]:

And that is 6 touchdowns for Foles, this one down the field to Jackson.

Stephen White [6:03 PM]:

24-14 pending xp

Stephen White [6:03 PM]:

Russell Wilson zone read run for the TD

Oh No Romo [6:00 PM]:

Yikes, Pryor trips and falls on 3rd and 4. Raiders go 3 and out.

Clay Wendler [5:59 PM]:

Oh No Romo [5:59 PM]:

Stephen White [5:56 PM]:

5TD passes for Nick Foles.

Stephen White [5:56 PM]:

Oh No Romo [5:55 PM]:

McCoy TD catch

Ryan Van Bibber [5:54 PM]:

Brady’s got his best QB rating of the season so far

Stephen White [5:54 PM]:

Stephen White [5:52 PM]:

24-7 Bucs over Seattle IN Seattle

Stephen White [5:52 PM]:

Bucs FG good but Seattle offsides

Ryan Van Bibber [5:51 PM]:

here you go, PFT Commenter

Stephen White [5:50 PM]:

Moose is of course clueless as to why Seattle fans are booing

Stephen White [5:49 PM]:

LOL Davin Joseph held like hell but no call

Stephen White [5:48 PM]:

Now inside the redzone

Stephen White [5:48 PM]:

Bucs inside the + 35

Ryan Van Bibber [5:48 PM]:

that was a nice play by the Steelers

Stephen White [5:47 PM]:

Big Ben drops in in the bucket for six to Brown

Stephen White [5:43 PM]:

Dwyer with a nice run. Why was this guy out of work for a few weeks?!

Stephen White [5:41 PM]:

Stephen White [5:36 PM]:

Seabass good from 53

Oh No Romo [5:36 PM]:

Seabass 53-yarder is good. Raiders trail 28-13 with 3 seconds until the half

Oh No Romo [5:32 PM]:

Hand-off to Rashad Jennings for 15 yards and a first down. Raiders call timeout.

Oh No Romo [5:30 PM]:

Another first down run for Pryor, he is the leading rusher for this game with 65 yards.

Stephen White [5:29 PM]:

Steelers FG makes it 14-3

Stephen White [5:27 PM]:

Kneel it and go to the lockerrom

Oh No Romo [5:27 PM]:

Tried to draw offsides, but timeout called.

Clay Wendler [5:27 PM]:

Oh No Romo [5:26 PM]:

Eagles going for it on 4th and 1 after the running into a kicker penalty

Stephen White [5:26 PM]:

Seeing a lot of iso weak today. IJS

Ryan Van Bibber [5:26 PM]:

that’s Lardarius Webb too

Stephen White [5:25 PM]:

Somebody go check on that Ravens DB lol

Ryan Van Bibber [5:23 PM]:

Really, the Bucs are the perfect team to deal with the yelling at CLink

Clay Wendler [5:22 PM]:

Stephen White [5:21 PM]:

Yep, bout to get ugly Steelers. Pats up 14-0

Mark Ennis [5:21 PM]:

Catches a TD over two Steelers defensive backs

Mark Ennis [5:21 PM]:

Gronkowski back

Stephen White [5:21 PM]:


Stephen White [5:20 PM]:

Anybody who has all 22 will want to watch Gerald McCoy this week though. My goodness he is killing the Seahawks OL

Clay Wendler [5:19 PM]:

Mark Ennis [5:19 PM]:

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Steelers look this bad.

Stephen White [5:19 PM]:

Seahawks on the board with a TD pass to Kearse

Stephen White [5:18 PM]:

@PFT Commenter probably beat Haynesworth’s fist up with his face

PFT Commenter [5:16 PM]:

Hey Stephen what do u think Schiano would of done with Haynesworth just curious

Mark Ennis [5:16 PM]:

Pats stuff Steelers on 4th and 1 at the Pats 30. Steelers just have nothing up front.

Stephen White [5:16 PM]:

Wait, what?! Seahawks held like three guys and they called facemask on McCoy?!

PFT Commenter [5:16 PM]:

dont get me wrong hes a average QB but hes not good

Stephen White [5:15 PM]:

Gerald McCoy won so fast the dude had to tackle him

PFT Commenter [5:15 PM]:

curious 2 see what Jason Cambells baseline concussion test looks lie

Charlie Gebow [5:14 PM]:

Anyone checked in on Marcus Vick?

Stephen White [5:14 PM]:

Oakland getting beatdown at home by the Eagles

Oh No Romo [5:14 PM]:

Make that four touchdown passes for Foles, in the first half. This one to Ertz.

Ryan Van Bibber [5:13 PM]:

Oh No Romo [5:12 PM]:

Foles is 12-for-14 for 217 yards, 3 touchdowns and 158.3 QB rating

Stephen White [5:11 PM]:

Im pretty sure Seattle doesnt have the firepower to score 21 on offense at the moment.

Ryan Van Bibber [5:11 PM]:

Riley Cooper’s got a lock on the Newsboy player of the week award

Oh No Romo [5:11 PM]:

I don’t know the numbers, but Foles has been great on 3rd down today.

Ryan Van Bibber [5:10 PM]:

Stephen White [5:09 PM]:

On the other hand, if these refs weren’t calling PI more closely than they usually do in Seattle im not sure the Bucs wouldve scored yet

Oh No Romo [5:09 PM]:

Joel Klatt just went with the Bill Raftery reference and now I just don’t know anymore.

Ryan Van Bibber [5:09 PM]:

@sgw94 they read your post this week!

Charlie Gebow [5:09 PM]:

The World made sense an hour ago

Stephen White [5:08 PM]:

Im so dumbfounded by this Bucs performance I dont know what to say

Stephen White [5:07 PM]:

Jump pass by James to the Crabtree for a TD. 21-0 Bucs

Stephen White [5:06 PM]:

Tim Wright catches the ball at…oh about the 3 yardline

Stephen White [5:04 PM]:

Oh and Seattle just fumbled the kickoff back to Tampa.

Oh No Romo [5:04 PM]:

Jennings follows up with the rushing touchdown.

Stephen White [5:04 PM]:

PFT Commenter [5:04 PM]:

Terrell Pryor outrunning his blockers again

Ryan Van Bibber [5:04 PM]:

Jason Campbell is hurt. Brandon Weeden has now used up all 9 lives

Oh No Romo [5:04 PM]:

Big run by Pryor and the Raiders are in the red zone.

Stephen White [5:02 PM]:

Pittsburgh better find a running game and fast or this is gonna get ugly

Mark Ennis [5:02 PM]:

The Bucs are ballin’, and I am conflicted.

PFT Commenter [5:02 PM]:

Wait what were we so mad at Riley Cooper about 3 months ago? funny how every1 forgets when you produce

Stephen White [5:01 PM]:

Tiquan Underwood TD. Yes. Seattle is down 14-0 to…the Bucs

Stephen White [5:01 PM]:

Bucs driving on Seattle again

Dewane Zebra [4:58 PM]:

Riley Cooper playing a great game and raising uncomfortable racial questions with which our society is still not quite ready to deal. #NFCBeast

Stephen White [4:58 PM]:

Amendola with the TD catch for NE after the int

Ryan Van Bibber [4:58 PM]:


‘Camy Cam loves the kids’

The Panthers quarterback had a special message after Sunday’s win over the Falcons.

Oh No Romo [4:57 PM]:

Stephen White [4:56 PM]:

Mike James is balling.

PFT Commenter [4:56 PM]:


Stephen White [4:56 PM]:

LOL the Bucs are really gonna beat the Seahawks in seattle if this keeps up. Wow

Oh No Romo [4:56 PM]:

Another Nick Foles-Riley Cooper touchdown. 63 yards!

Oh No Romo [4:55 PM]:

I like to think Phil Simms gets into arguments with people everywhere.

Mark Ennis [4:55 PM]:

And the Pats score on the very first play. God the Steelers just aren’t good.

Stephen White [4:54 PM]:

I didnt even notice they overturned the Bolden TD. McCourty picks off Big Ben at the Steelers 30

Mark Ennis [4:54 PM]:

Actual arm punt from Big Ben out of his own end zone.

Stephen White [4:53 PM]:

Steelers backed up on their own one. Then jump

PFT Commenter [4:52 PM]:

might have 2 sit down and write out just howi feel

Oh No Romo [4:50 PM]:

Ridley stopped short on another 4th and goal try.

Ryan Van Bibber [4:50 PM]:

a Schiano man song this week would be really great

Stephen White [4:50 PM]:

Barron all over the place today for the Bucs

PFT Commenter [4:49 PM]:

sing us a song your the Schiano man,, brilliant onside kick called but poor execution- story of his year so far folks

Stephen White [4:48 PM]:

Doesnt matter, Pats score next play on a run by Bolden

Stephen White [4:46 PM]:

LOL announce calls TD Gronk while ref spots the ball short

Stephen White [4:45 PM]:

Bucs try a surprise onside kick, get it, but offsides penalty takes it back

Oh No Romo [4:45 PM]:

Cooper TD catch and the Eagles are up 14-3

Oh No Romo [4:44 PM]:

@sgw94 And Gronk again

Stephen White [4:43 PM]:

Brady big gainer to Gronk all the way down to the Steelers 37

Oh No Romo [4:43 PM]:

Timmons got a shot at Brady on a play action pass.

Oh No Romo [4:41 PM]:

Eagles back in the Raiders red zone as the first quarter ends.

Ryan Van Bibber [4:41 PM]:

short week this week too

Stephen White [4:41 PM]:

Bucs with a major assist from the refs are on the board first

Ryan Van Bibber [4:41 PM]:

the seahawks have been playing really sloppy

Stephen White [4:40 PM]:

Glennon to Tim Wright for a TD

Stephen White [4:39 PM]:

Bucs in the redzone

Stephen White [4:38 PM]:

And a weak call it was. Refs on some craziness today in almost every game

Stephen White [4:38 PM]:

Glennon picked off but Seahawks flagged for PI

Stephen White [4:36 PM]:

Excuse me, Greg Little

Stephen White [4:35 PM]:

Earl Little grabs a pass off the defender’s helmet and takes off

Stephen White [4:34 PM]:

1st quarter already done for Seahawks/Bucs. A lot of running but no scoring

Stephen White [4:34 PM]:

Raiders just wasting Pryor’s running ability there. Let him have a damn run pass option!

PFT Commenter [4:33 PM]:

just becauz he doesnt wear a compression sleeve to get a extra half inch on his arm doesnt mena u should punish him by taking away his TD and redistributing it 2 the redskins SMH

Stephen White [4:33 PM]:

Mike James with a very nice run on 1st and 15 for 21

PFT Commenter [4:33 PM]:

i broke my modem im so angry about woodhead

Oh No Romo [4:31 PM]:

Excellent catch and run for Streater. 1st and goal at the Eagles 9

Stephen White [4:30 PM]:

Stephen White [4:27 PM]:

Washington wins with a TD on the first drive of overtime

Stephen White [4:27 PM]:

Bucs fumble a fair catch but luckily get it back. Sheesh

Oh No Romo [4:23 PM]:


Oh No Romo [4:23 PM]:

Foles to Celez on first and goal, touchdown Eagles.

Oh No Romo [4:21 PM]:

Back-to-back first down passes for Foles and the Eagles are in the red zone.

Stephen White [4:20 PM]:

Glennon got hulk smashed by Wagner on a blitz

Oh No Romo [4:20 PM]:

Update on Robert Woods

Stephen White [4:20 PM]:

Washington ball first in OT and they are driving

PFT Commenter [4:19 PM]:

if the Charger’s lose because Woodhead got hosed im never watching NFL again its rigged

Mark Ennis [4:19 PM]:

The Chiefs are the kings of the NFL (via ESPN)

Oh No Romo [4:19 PM]:

Foles connects with Riley Cooper for a big first down and the Eagles are past midfield.

Stephen White [4:18 PM]:

They refuse to commit to anything

Oh No Romo [4:18 PM]:

Stephen White [4:18 PM]:

Bucs start off with 3 good runs then line up in shotgun on 1st down and get bailed out with an offsides on the Seahwaks

Mark Ennis [4:17 PM]:

@sgw94 You think it’s just that some NFL coaches don’t know how to really work it into a holistic gameplan?

Stephen White [4:15 PM]:

No idea why the Raiders arent doing more read option with Pryor

Stephen White [4:13 PM]:

Barron picks off Wilson in the redzone

Oh No Romo [4:13 PM]:

Caught the tail end of the replay, but it looks like Philly got called for roughing the punter and it continues the Oakland drive.

Stephen White [4:12 PM]:

Stephen White [4:11 PM]:

@Oh No Romo i was wondering where Mathews went. Had over 100 yards today

Stephen White [4:09 PM]:

Tie game in Washington

Oh No Romo [4:09 PM]:

So San Diego, with 1 timeout left, opts to pass on 2nd and 3rd down

Stephen White [4:08 PM]:

Lynch already going beast mode on Tampa.

Clay Wendler [4:07 PM]:

Stephen White [4:07 PM]:

You review it and thats the closest to the goalline you think the ball was? Wow

Mark Ennis [4:06 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber he would make a wonderful AP Poll voter.

Stephen White [4:06 PM]:

Man what a terrible spot lol

Stephen White [4:06 PM]:

I guess….

Stephen White [4:05 PM]:

Grazed it. You can see from the first high endzone angle imo

Stephen White [4:04 PM]:

Football touched the pylon too

Stephen White [4:03 PM]:

Oh and Woodhead for 6 or at least to the 1 inch line with the clock stopped

Stephen White [4:02 PM]:

Dallas scores a TD to go up 4 pending xp

Ryan Van Bibber [4:01 PM]:

Someone’s just crabby because he couldn’t find his cargo jorts today

Stephen White [4:01 PM]:

Chargers in field goal range. I wouldnt bet against a Chargers TD tho

Ryan Van Bibber [3:59 PM]:

Mark Ennis [3:59 PM]:

assistant coach for the Chiefs just got blasted on the sidelines

Ryan Van Bibber [3:57 PM]:


John Cena is a Rams (and Pats and Jets) fan

The Rams really need some celebrity endorsements these days.

Stephen White [3:57 PM]:

How wide open was Keenan Allen smh

Stephen White [3:57 PM]:

4th and 2 for the game now with the Chargers trying to tie it up and the ball on their own 37

Stephen White [3:55 PM]:

The Shanahans deserve to lose now. Up 3 and you throw the damn ball on 3rd down instead of milking the clock. Stoooopid

Stephen White [3:53 PM]:

Chargers already with a first down almost to their own 30 before the 2 min warning

Stephen White [3:52 PM]:

Run the damn ball Washington and kill the clock. Da hell is wrong with people?!

PFT Commenter [3:51 PM]:

i actualy thought the “Calvin Johnson” rule was that fans should always have a bumper sticker of a guy peeing on your rivals logo

Stephen White [3:49 PM]:


PFT Commenter [3:48 PM]:

heres a hint- if they name a rule after you for when a receiver drops a easy TD, u should chill on the best receiver in the NFL talk

Stephen White [3:47 PM]:


Stephen White [3:47 PM]:

Another week of mostly close game. Only game out of reach is the Panthers/Falcons

PFT Commenter [3:46 PM]:

were not talking about what a Elite handoff that was by Ponder. AD showed up early but Ponder made a Trent Dilferlike ajustment

Stephen White [3:45 PM]:

Amerson jumps a little Allen juke move for no reason then keeps his eyes on the QB rather than turning to catch up. SMH

Stephen White [3:44 PM]:

Redskins think the game is already over? Man Keenan Allen WIDE open for a Chargers TD

Clay Wendler [3:42 PM]:

PFT Commenter [3:42 PM]:

lets talk about Superbowl windows and the Falcons- i think there are such thing’s as superbowl windows and the falcons superbowl window might be closing on them.

Stephen White [3:41 PM]:


Stephen White [3:41 PM]:


Stephen White [3:37 PM]:

And that just happened. Peterson and like 5 Cowboys on his back, for six

James Dator [3:36 PM]:

Put a fork in ’em, Matt Ryan pick-six, and the Panthers lead 30-10

Stephen White [3:36 PM]:

These refs in the Dallas game… whew i just don’t know

Stephen White [3:36 PM]:

Derp off Rams vs Titans

Clay Wendler [3:35 PM]:

Stephen White [3:33 PM]:

Cowboys defense about to implode late again.

Stephen White [3:33 PM]:

Orlando Scandrick just made the most “please don’t hurt me” tackle I have ever seen

Stephen White [3:31 PM]:

Wonder if Rodney Harrison still thinks the Panthers should bench Cam Newton

She Blinded Me With Violence [3:28 PM]:

Bring back Delhomme.

Stephen White [3:26 PM]:

Stephen White [3:25 PM]:

Amerson with a helluva pick

Oh No Romo [3:24 PM]:

Stephen White [3:23 PM]:

Oh thats a fumble and a chiefs TD

PFT Commenter [3:22 PM]:

according to Dr Oz its still safer 2 play NFL football then it is to attend a game where girls can haul in unlimited fannypacks of pantyshields

Clay Wendler [3:22 PM]:

Stephen White [3:21 PM]:

I maintain, Calvin Pace is playing better than he has in years. Wayyyyyy better

Stephen White [3:20 PM]:

Jeebus at that sequence, Saints

Stephen White [3:19 PM]:

Ok more like 7 man blitz and one guy dropped out

Stephen White [3:18 PM]:

I swear the jets mightve sent a 10 man blitz there

Stephen White [3:17 PM]:

Then Keenan Allen makes a rookie mistake and drops the ball trying to run before he caught it on 3rd down. Well, more than just rookies make thst mistake

She Blinded Me With Violence [3:16 PM]:


Stephen White [3:16 PM]:

Kinda surprised the Chargers aren’t going uo and down the field on this Washington defense.

Stephen White [3:11 PM]:

So Doug Free is back to playing like a revolving door today, eh?

apholmes [3:10 PM]:

The Bills just cannot catch a break. I feel bad for them.

Stephen White [3:09 PM]:

She Blinded Me With Violence [3:09 PM]:

Just kiddin’.

She Blinded Me With Violence [3:08 PM]:

Panthers gonna fart around and lose this game, aren’t they?

Stephen White [3:08 PM]:

This is the fishiest day of officiating ive seen in quite awhile

Clay Wendler [3:06 PM]:

apholmes [3:05 PM]:

THANK YOU!! :) Ouch.

She Blinded Me With Violence [3:05 PM]:

Shula just went Chud.

Stephen White [3:04 PM]:

If Hankerson ever starts making catches consistently he is gonna be hell to deal with. Just needs a new set of hands, last catch withstanding

PFT Commenter [3:03 PM]:

u can almost see Cousins holding back a smile there on the sidelines

PFT Commenter [3:03 PM]:

PFT Commenter [3:02 PM]:

if Roy helu wanted to be in shape to get actual playing time maybe he should of asked for a year supply of conditioner instead smh

She Blinded Me With Violence [3:01 PM]:

@sgw94 Man…

Stephen White [3:00 PM]:

She Blinded Me With Violence [3:00 PM]:

Cam doing thangs.

apholmes [2:59 PM]:

I’m on a train and can’t stream the game. Can someone post a gif of the RG3 hit?

She Blinded Me With Violence [2:57 PM]:

(Until the Bucs play.)

Stephen White [2:57 PM]:

WTF RGIII? Oh man if Washington loses you will see that leap all week and folks saying he has to slide

She Blinded Me With Violence [2:57 PM]:

Walked to the office and raided the secretary’s liquor stash that she didn’t know I knew about. Everything’s coming up Violence!

Stephen White [2:56 PM]:

We are still talking about Dez? That’s what we are doing? Really?

PFT Commenter [2:56 PM]:

Junior Te’o

apholmes [2:55 PM]:


Clay Wendler [2:55 PM]:

Clay Wendler [2:55 PM]:

Stephen White [2:54 PM]:

Stephen White [2:51 PM]:

Then Rudolph hurts his foot on the play and the replay looks bad.

Stephen White [2:51 PM]:

Kyle Rudolph just went beast mode on the Cowboys. Never understand why they dont use him more or at least try

PFT Commenter [2:49 PM]:

Tuel and unusual punishmint

PFT Commenter [2:46 PM]:

i call the Bills Olestra on account of there playing with a loose Tuel

Stephen White [2:45 PM]:

Sack caused fumble and Cowboys recover in the endzone for 6

Stephen White [2:44 PM]:


PFT Commenter [2:43 PM]:

maybe Helud be in good enough shape 2 actualy get some playing time if asked for a year supply of Conditioner instead folks

Stephen White [2:43 PM]:

Stephen White [2:42 PM]:

And Washington punches it in

Stephen White [2:41 PM]:


Oh No Romo [2:41 PM]:

Where was Tuel throwing that ball?

Oh No Romo [2:41 PM]:

Tuel pick six at the goal line, wow

PFT Commenter [2:41 PM]:

griffins probly a better rugby player then football plus hed fit right in on a island of convicts

Stephen White [2:40 PM]:

Bills are not playing around

Stephen White [2:39 PM]:

Not exactly something to hang your hat on

Stephen White [2:39 PM]:

Mark Ennis [2:39 PM]:

@PFT Commenter works equally for garcons of the football and non-football variety.

Stephen White [2:38 PM]:

Amazing catch by Garçon

PFT Commenter [2:38 PM]:


PFT Commenter [2:38 PM]:


Stephen White [2:38 PM]:

Just call them The Replacements!

PFT Commenter [2:35 PM]:

mikes smith and shanahan should hang out together in public& see how long it takes someone to call 911 4 there sunburns

Clay Wendler [2:32 PM]:

Stephen White [2:32 PM]:

Geno Smith shakes Cam Jordan one on one for the TD and the Jets are up

Stephen White [2:31 PM]:

PFT Commenter [2:29 PM]:

how many parole viloation hearings will use that pic as evidence?

Stephen White [2:28 PM]:

And it was an int. SMH

Clay Wendler [2:27 PM]:

coming to CBS this fall

Clay Wendler [2:27 PM]:


Clay Wendler [2:27 PM]:

Stephen White [2:25 PM]:

No idea why Cam didnt throw that all the way out of bounds

Stephen White [2:25 PM]:

Man that might be an int for Atlanta.

Stephen White [2:24 PM]:

Oh man, we need a Mike Smith #redface gif

Stephen White [2:22 PM]:

What a favorable spot on that Ginn reception

PFT Commenter [2:22 PM]:

bring out the tarp 4 KaiForbath folks

Stephen White [2:21 PM]:

Washington with two blocked FIELD GOALS in the first half

Stephen White [2:20 PM]:

Rolling Ball of Butcher Knives in for the Jets TD

Stephen White [2:17 PM]:

Maybe, MAYBE they should move the pocket for RGIII so that doesn’t happen as much. Maybe.

Stephen White [2:16 PM]:

They are playing volley ball with RGIII’s passes

Stephen White [2:15 PM]:


Stephen White [2:14 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [2:14 PM]:

@sgw94 i think it’s the last year of his rookie deal

Stephen White [2:13 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber definitely not enough lol

Stephen White [2:13 PM]:

DJ Fluker like Debo out there clearing a path for that WR screen TD

Stephen White [2:12 PM]:

Again, what in hell is Keuchly doing?! He is supposed to carry Gonzalez up the seam on that. Very uncharacteristic of him

Stephen White [2:11 PM]:

Gonzalez with a TD also for Atlanta

Ryan Van Bibber [2:11 PM]:

@sgw94 $1.3 million this season for Graham

Stephen White [2:11 PM]:

However much they are paying Jimmy Graham its not enough

Stephen White [2:10 PM]:

Chargers end up converting on 2nd and 12 anyway. And Keenan Allen might make the notebook this week

Ryan Van Bibber [2:10 PM]:

Ponder rushed for a TD

Stephen White [2:09 PM]:

Refs are getting worse. Phantom OPI call against the Chargers

Stephen White [2:08 PM]:

Mark Ingram back? Saints might lose now

Stephen White [2:08 PM]:

Cromartie gets pushed to the ground, his guy catches a deep ball. No call. Smh

Mark Ennis [2:05 PM]:

Buffalo using packaged plays. Tuel reads the option, keeps it, starts to run, and then throws the screen out to JOhnson for a first down.

Mark Ennis [2:04 PM]:

Fantastic run by Spiller. Great cut back.

Stephen White [2:03 PM]:

Mark Ennis [2:03 PM]:

Tuel holds the end of the football when he throws it.

Stephen White [2:02 PM]:

Panthers up 14-3 now

She Blinded Me With Violence [2:02 PM]:

Go ahead, Ron.

Stephen White [2:02 PM]:

Sure, just dont cover Olsen. Im sure that’ll work out well.

PFT Commenter [2:02 PM]:

cant wait 2 see what Jared Allen does to 1-up that,, probly skins a deer out there to celebrate a deflection

SuperJew [2:01 PM]:

Riverboat Ron strikes again

James Dator [2:01 PM]:

And it’s a touchdown pass, Cam Newton to Greg Olsen. Almost identical to last week’s play against Tampa Bay

James Dator [2:01 PM]:

Rivera is going for it on 4th and 1 again. Riverboat Ron

Stephen White [2:01 PM]:

Kerley may have dislocated his wrist. Sheesh

Clay Wendler [1:57 PM]:

Stephen White [1:57 PM]:

Then Cribbs hits Sudfield to get the Jets into the redzone

Mark Ennis [1:57 PM]:

I feel like if the Bills just had a consistent, decent QB, they’d be a mediocre team.

PFT Commenter [1:57 PM]:

the jets use Josh Cribs like they should be using Geno Smith

Stephen White [1:57 PM]:

Stephen White [1:56 PM]:

I think the Chargers defense is starting to feel that long first long drive. Washington scores a TD all tied up

Stephen White [1:55 PM]:

Byrd is a baller but Robey for Buffalo has impressed me a lot this season

Stephen White [1:54 PM]:

Old school hate on Nick Toon

Stephen White [1:52 PM]:

Romo sacked twice in a row in the redzone. Great

She Blinded Me With Violence [1:52 PM]:

OK, Cam had the right idea. Just bad throw.

Clay Wendler [1:51 PM]:

PFT Commenter [1:50 PM]:

CLassic Philip River’s spiral- hard NOT to catch such a beautiful ball those INTs are just part of what u get with him

Stephen White [1:50 PM]:

Very bad throw Cam.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:50 PM]:

the spider catch

Ryan Van Bibber [1:50 PM]:

Stephen White [1:49 PM]:

Annnnnd a scrum breaks out

James Dator [1:49 PM]:

Newton throws his first INT in three games trying to take a deep shot

She Blinded Me With Violence [1:49 PM]:

Nice armpunt, Cam.

Stephen White [1:49 PM]:

EJBiggers picks off Rivers

Stephen White [1:47 PM]:

Stephen White [1:45 PM]:

Oh No Romo [1:45 PM]:

Tuel picked off on first play of the drive.

Stephen White [1:44 PM]:

PFT Commenter [1:44 PM]:

Jimmy graham wasnt even that good of a bball player,, pretty embarassing that ppl are just letting him beat them

She Blinded Me With Violence [1:43 PM]:

Holy fucking shit, Cam.

SuperJew [1:43 PM]:

Cam Newton is a Magician.

Stephen White [1:43 PM]:

On the next play

Mark Ennis [1:42 PM]:

I guess Sproles is officially injured from head to toe.

Stephen White [1:42 PM]:

That was a “points” tackle after the Vikings fail to convert 4th and 1

Stephen White [1:42 PM]:

Man what an open field tackle by Bruce Carter to prevent a 1st down

Mark Ennis [1:42 PM]:

Oh No Romo [1:41 PM]:

Alex Smith sacked, stripped fumble, but KC manages to recover. 3rd and 27 at midfield

Stephen White [1:41 PM]:

Stephen White [1:40 PM]:

Jimmy Graham, unfair

Oh No Romo [1:38 PM]:

Jairus Byrd called for hit on defenseless receiver.

PFT Commenter [1:38 PM]:

IMO the skins need 2 take the intentional saftey everytime they start on there own side of the 50

Stephen White [1:37 PM]:

RGIII pass knocked down at the line and they were already backed up, ball falls right into Lisemore’s hands for the TD

She Blinded Me With Violence [1:37 PM]:

Melvin Ingram still recovering from his ACL?

Stephen White [1:37 PM]:

Oh man, crazy fat guy touchdown for the Chargers

James Dator [1:36 PM]:

Falcons are stopped, settling for a field goal

Oh No Romo [1:36 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Narrative?

Stephen White [1:36 PM]:

Steven Jackson rumbles in for s short TD but its coming back for holding. Man he looks sooooo slow

Mark Ennis [1:36 PM]:

SuperJew [1:35 PM]:

@James Dator So, what you’re saying is that they have one real weapon.

Clay Wendler [1:34 PM]:

PFT Commenter [1:33 PM]:

would like 2 see Jackson verse Michael the Earner turner in a foorace to the wing station at Golden Corral

James Dator [1:33 PM]:

Atlanta has one real weapon in the passing game, and Carolina were happy to let Gonzalez run free on this drive. Now inside the 10, 3rd down

Mark Ennis [1:32 PM]:

Stephen White [1:32 PM]:

No idea why he tried to jump the short route

Stephen White [1:32 PM]:

Kuechly with a bad read just allowed Gonzalez up the seam to get the Falcons inside the 10

SuperJew [1:31 PM]:

Matt Ryan only has eyes for one man, and his name is Tony Gonzales.

She Blinded Me With Violence [1:30 PM]:

Imagine how could the Panthers could be without Mike Shula. At least “able to beat the Cardinals”, I reckon.

Clay Wendler [1:30 PM]:

Stephen White [1:29 PM]:

Goodwin is fast. No, really.

PFT Commenter [1:28 PM]:

everybody plays the Tuel somtimes

Stephen White [1:28 PM]:

Lotsa confidence shown in Ponder there…

Stephen White [1:28 PM]:

3rd and 7 and the Vikings….run Peterson?

Mark Ennis [1:27 PM]:

And as soon as I say that, Tuel throws a bomb to Goodwin for a touchdown.

Stephen White [1:27 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [1:26 PM]:

Christian Ponder just needed a little time off, I guess

Mark Ennis [1:26 PM]:

Tuel’s throws have a hang time.

She Blinded Me With Violence [1:26 PM]:

That drop will give me a tumor someday.

Stephen White [1:25 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber its just a zone with one DL backing up to protect the short middle and spy the QB. Dont like it but its not that bad

Ryan Van Bibber [1:25 PM]:

She Blinded Me With Violence [1:25 PM]:


James Dator [1:25 PM]:

Jamaal Anderson is not pleased with Tolbert’s Dirty Bird

James Dator [1:25 PM]:

Stephen White [1:24 PM]:

Tip drill!!!! Brees picked off by Davis of a deflection

Ryan Van Bibber [1:24 PM]:

look at that picture, there’s a DL covering Jared Cook

Raymie Humbert [1:24 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [1:24 PM]:

PFT Commenter [1:23 PM]:

washington need’s to bully there ST coach these last 4 weeks should of earned him a one way ticket to getting shoved in a Anacostia locker IMO

She Blinded Me With Violence [1:22 PM]:

Belated FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN for Mike Tolbert.

Stephen White [1:22 PM]:

Washington gets a 3 and out here and man oh man that Chargers defense is gonna be hating life

Ryan Van Bibber [1:21 PM]:

Stephen White [1:21 PM]:

RGIII tackled short of the first on 3rd down and then miss a short FG after a 9 minute drive

James Dator [1:20 PM]:

Mike Tolbert punches it in for a touchdown. Carolina lead 7-0 over Atlanta

PFT Commenter [1:20 PM]:

PI rule’s are out of control it should be a 10 yd penalty unless the receiver demonstrated obvious concentration

Stephen White [1:19 PM]:

James Dator [1:18 PM]:

@sgw94 Rob Chudzinski effect

She Blinded Me With Violence [1:18 PM]:

@PFT Commenter Then can an NFL player be TOO humble? This might be a paradigm shift.

Stephen White [1:18 PM]:

After PI in the redzone against the Falcons the Panthers will have first and goal

Ryan Van Bibber [1:17 PM]:

Romo had like 40 seconds in the pocket there, and somehow Dez didn’t catch it

Stephen White [1:17 PM]:

Remember last year when the Panthers wouldnt give Tolbert any carries? Fun times…

Ryan Van Bibber [1:17 PM]:

Randle got nailed in the head on that play

Mark Ennis [1:16 PM]:

Stephen White [1:16 PM]:

Its been the Jordan Reed show this whole first Washington drive

PFT Commenter [1:16 PM]:

@She Blinded Me With Violence i almost think tebow would let Saban win out of respect hes to polite and thats why hes unemployed TBH

Stephen White [1:16 PM]:

Steve Smith will be catching quick slants for first downs at age 50. Dude just hasnt lost anything

apholmes [1:15 PM]:

Garret Hartley has missed 3 field goals between last week and this first quarter

She Blinded Me With Violence [1:15 PM]:

@PFT Commenter Do you think Saban would be okay with Tebow putting God before him? Not part of The Process, IMO.

Stephen White [1:15 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber i got your back on this one! /homer

Ryan Van Bibber [1:14 PM]:

@PFT Commenter nope. not a chance.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:14 PM]:

at the risk of being unpopular, this Cowboys team is pretty fun to watch

Stephen White [1:14 PM]:

@James Dator said the same last week

Stephen White [1:13 PM]:

The shame of it all is…why not use him AND Fred Davis

PFT Commenter [1:12 PM]:

lets talk currnet topics here- could alabama beat the Jags if they had tebow?

Stephen White [1:12 PM]:

Man Jordan Reed has hit his stride now

Mark Ennis [1:12 PM]:

Tuel’s arm is so weak you can count the individual revolutions of the football as it flies.

James Dator [1:12 PM]:

Matt Ryan throws an INT, targeted Gonzalez picked off by Luke Kuechly

Ryan Van Bibber [1:11 PM]:

@She Blinded Me With Violence you’ve come to the right place!

James Dator [1:11 PM]:

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a RB’s legs fall off as quickly as Steven Jackson

She Blinded Me With Violence [1:11 PM]:

Yes, hello, I’m here for the self-flagellation.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:11 PM]:

Stephen White [1:11 PM]:

@Mark Ennis nope

PFT Commenter [1:11 PM]:

possible intentinal safety coming up here in the Charger’s game- shanahan doesnt trust his QB that much is clear

Stephen White [1:11 PM]:

Shonn Greene with a grown man run for a TD. Get your weight up 52

Mark Ennis [1:10 PM]:

Mark Ennis [1:09 PM]:

@sgw94 Jeff Hostetler.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:09 PM]:

Stephen White [1:09 PM]:

@Mark Ennis nope

Stephen White [1:08 PM]:

@PFT Commenter nope

Stephen White [1:08 PM]:

After a punt that is

Mark Ennis [1:08 PM]:

@sgw94 Brad johnson

Stephen White [1:08 PM]:

Washington ball

Ryan Van Bibber [1:07 PM]:

does it seem like they’re calling ST penalities closer this year? Or am I just extra sensitive to it as a Rams fan?

PFT Commenter [1:07 PM]:

@sgw94 steve young

PFT Commenter [1:07 PM]:

the chargers olny pass to Woodhead they need to hand him the ball and let him go2 work IMO

Stephen White [1:07 PM]:

FYI if the Chiefs win today I will be comparing Alex Smith to a QB that took his team to the Superbowl once. And i bet nobody can guess who

Stephen White [1:06 PM]:

That was a crazy return to be called back too

Mark Ennis [1:06 PM]:

Yep, 89 yard punt return TD by McKelvin negated by a block in the back.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:06 PM]:

Danny Woodhead a 20-yard reception for the first play of the game. Realy pack his own lunch kind of guy

Mark Ennis [1:05 PM]:

Bills gonna have a punt return touchdown negated by penalty

Stephen White [1:05 PM]:

I kinda wonder if there is a correlation between Mathews for the Chargers not fumbling and the chargers winning this year.

James Dator [1:05 PM]:

Atlanta go three-and-out on its first drive. This feels like it’s going to repeat all day

Stephen White [1:05 PM]:

Rivers already moving the Chargers into Redskins territory

PFT Commenter [1:03 PM]:

you almost have2 wonder if the broncos put in a call 2 Arians given his track record

Stephen White [1:02 PM]:

Working it here, boss!

PFT Commenter [1:01 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Your so right

Mark Ennis [1:00 PM]:

@PFT Commenter Schiano needs more law and order guys like Incognito in his locker room.

PFT Commenter [12:59 PM]:

does richie incognito look like a bully to you i rest my case #FreeRichie

Oscar Gamble [12:57 PM]:

Richie Incognito and Greg Schiano seem perfect for each other.

James Dator [12:57 PM]:

Happy football everyone

Ryan Van Bibber [12:57 PM]:

howdy football fans

Mark Ennis [12:56 PM]:

Good afternoon, brethren.