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The Rams really want fans to embrace John Cena

John Cena is a Rams fan, say the Rams. He also happens to be a Patriots and Jets fan.

J. Meric

The St. Louis Rams don't get a lot of celebrity guest appearances, so when they do, it's a marketing opportunity they can't let slip away. Promos with wrestling personality John Cena run regularly at the Edward Jones Dome. One beat reporter finally had enough.

Boston's a bit of a sore point with folks in St. Louis these days, the World Series and all that. But the Rams stood by their man. The team's vice president for marketing responded.

But is Cena really a Rams fan? Wagoner found some evidence to the contrary.

Ok, so we're clear, Cena is a fan of the Rams, Patriots and Jets. That's only three NFL teams, so he's got nothing on Kenny Chesney, who's a fan of, like, literally every team in every pro sport. Hey, when a team hasn't had a winning season since 2003, it's gotta take whatever celebrity endorsements it can get.

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