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Rex Ryan owns Rob Ryan in head-to-head matchups

The Ryan Brothers' play-calling abilities were not created equal.

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Rex and Rob Ryan are identical twins, but they are anything but on the football field. While Rex has run the Jets for the last several years, Rob has served as a middling defensive coordinator for unsuccessful teams for more than a decade. While both are enjoying success in 2013, it is clear that Rex is the superior play-calling brother.

Rex's Jets are 5-4 and are battling for a playoff spot, while Rob's Saints are in the lead for the NFC South. Still, with a rookie quarterback and a cast of lowly-talented offensive players, Rex's New York squad was able to pull off a home victory against the Saints, who feature one of the league's best quarterbacks in Drew Brees and an offense that makes even Tom Brady jealous. Recent history has been more of the same, as Rex is 5-0 against his twin.

Both Rex and Rob are defensive play-callers, so to add insult to injury, Chris Ivory's 139 rushing yards and a touchdown rubs salt in the wounds of the Saints. Rex traded for Ivory from the Saints and used him to run down the throat of his brother's defense that had been lauded as "much-improved." A 4-for-4 performance by kicker Nick Folk did not hurt Rex's chances either in the 26-20 win for the Jets.

Sunday's Jets win was an upset. Rob seemed destined to clobber his both with the help of Sean Payton's offense, but it was simply not to be. It seems that no matter what Rob does, Rex will one up him.

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