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Week 10 NFL preview: Eagles vs. Packers

It's a battle of the backups! There's just one problem: Nick Foles just tied the NFL record for touchdown passes in a game, and Seneca Wallace wasn't even a viable NFL starter five years ago. Can Eddie Lacy pick up enough slack to keep the Packers afloat in the NFC North, or will the Eagles high-flying offense be too much? Matt Ufford and the Uffsides crew preview the game and make their picks.

Michael Vick facing off against Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau? Not this week. With both starters sidelined for the foreseeable future, Nick Foles, who threw seven touchdowns last week, and Seneca Wallace, who didn't, will get the nod from their respective teams this weekend. The emergence of Eddie Lacy and the power running game gives the Pack a chance in this one, but he'll likely need a monster game to deliver a win to the home crowd.