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Mike Tomlin, Steelers face punishment for sideline interference

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The Steelers are facing potential fines, as well as the loss of a draft pick, for the actions of the team's coach.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers and coach Mike Tomlin could be subject to stiff penalties from the league for his near-interference of Jacoby Jones on Thursday, according to a report from CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora.

The Steelers coach was caught on camera right on the edge of the field during a crucial kick return by the Ravens on Thursday night, appearing to step out of the way just before Jacoby Jones would have made contact as he ran down the sideline. Jones was forced to change his path and was quickly caught from behind; the Ravens eventually won the game anyway.

Tomlin appeared to be watching the play on the jumbotron with his back to Jones, stepping out of the way just before contact was made.


La Canfora reports that the league is undertaking an "aggressive review" of the play, especially considering the game had such serious playoff implications and that the play came at such a crucial point in the game. The Steelers are facing financial penalties, as well as the potential loss of a draft pick, depending on the results of the NFL's investigation.

The Steelers have struggled through a controversial season, and sit just on the outside of the AFC playoff race at 5-7 after the loss on Sunday night.

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