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Browns concede rare go-ahead safety to Jaguars on bad snap

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Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Browns-Jaguars is such a magnificent combination of failure, and of course, it involved one of the fail-iest plays imaginable.

The Browns led the Jaguars 21-20, but a bad snap from Alex Mack went over Brandon Weeden's head, and he disposed of it like so:

Quite frankly, I can't recall ever having seen a team concede a safety up one point to give the other team the lead. Kicking the ball out of the end zone here is maybe the smart play -- picking up a bouncy oblong ball is difficult, so booting it prevents any opportunity for the defense to jump on the ball and get seven points instead of two -- but still, HOW DO YOU GIVE UP A SAFETY WHEN YOU'RE ONLY AHEAD BY ONE IN THE FOURTH QUARTER, Y'ALL.

On the plus side, it's good to see that Brandon Weeden's kicking skills are top notch as opposed to, you know, various other skills of his. And considering the Jags have now won TWO games and are gunning for a third, somebody better break up Jacksonville.