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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford steals Canadian rocker's seat at Bills game

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Which should surprise no one.

Serves you right for not showing up to the Bills-Falcons game, Toronto. We all knew that Mayor Rob Ford was going to be there and hell and hilarity follows with him. But no, you had to stay home with your books and families.

If we're to believe the timeline of Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Mays, the mayor of Toronto stole his seat and is presumably outkicking/outlicking his coverage in the VIP section. I certainly hope that this is real, and I certainly hope that there is a confrontation, and I certainly hope said confrontation results in multiple ejections.


Are you at the game seated next to Rob Ford? Please encourage him by buying him a beer and asking him if he's just going to take this from some "artist" or if he's going to stand up for himself. Just make sure to take pictures of it.