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Knowshon Moreno cries, crawls during Broncos-Chiefs, is the best

Do you, Knowshon. Continue always doing you.

Knowshon Moreno is proving his awesomeness in all sorts of ways. Fresh off a 224-yard game against the Patriots, he kicked off tonight's game by... well.. by crying in the strangest way we've ever seen a human being cry.


GIF via the omnipresent Bubbaprog We don't know why Moreno was crying, and we won't speculate; we'll just comment how semi-unfortunate is that football players often have to have incredibly personal moments on national TV where we can see it and make GIFs of it. However, we will note that he cries like a faucet, or a horned frog. Incredible emotion is often incredible.

What makes emotion even more incredible? A little Whitney Houston:

Later, Moreno would push the pile on a long reception, getting a first down and then keeping his legs churning with several Chiefs on his back. He'd end up going 31 yards, and found himself on the ground under a scrum of scuffling players from either side. And he responded in the best way possible:


GIF via the similarly omnipresent CJZero

The finale of the subdued, just-emerged-from-under-barbed-wire "FIRST DOWN DAMMIT" sign is incredible