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NFL scores, Week 15: Dolphins hold off Tom Brady, stay alive in AFC East

The Patriots had a chance to clinch the AFC East on Sunday but came up just short against the Dolphins.

Mike Ehrmann

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys face another big game on Sunday, thanks in large part to their embarrassing loss last week against the Bears. The Eagles, also fighting for the top spot in the NFC East, will face a depleted Minnesota Vikings team while the Bengals and Steelers face off on Sunday night in an AFC North showdown with major postseason implications.

The full schedule for Sunday:

Washington Redskins 26, Atlanta Falcons 27 F (Full coverage)

Chicago Bears 38, Cleveland Browns 31 F (Full coverage)

Houston Texans 3, Indianapolis Colts 25 F (Full coverage)

Buffalo Bills 27, Jacksonville Jaguars 20 F (Full coverage)

New England Patriots 20, Miami Dolphins 24 F (Full coverage)

Philadelphia Eagles 30, Minnesota Vikings 48 F (Full coverage)

Seattle Seahawks 23, New York Giants 0 F (Full coverage)

San Francisco 49ers 33, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14 F (Full coverage)

New York Jets 20, Carolina Panthers 30 F (Full coverage)

Kansas City Chiefs 56, Oakland Raiders 31 F (Full coverage)

Green Bay Packers 37,Dallas Cowboys 36 F (Full coverage)

New Orleans Saints 16, St. Louis Rams 27 F (Full coverage)

Arizona Cardinals 37, Tennessee Titans 34 F/OT (Full coverage)

Cincinnati Bengals 20, Pittsburgh Steelers 30 F/OT (Full coverage)


Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions (Full coverage)


San Diego Chargers 27, Denver Broncos 20 (Full coverage)

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