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Kyle Shanahan, Mike Shanahan expected to work apart next season

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The young offensive coordinator wants to strike out on his own, which should sit well with those within the Redskins organization.

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Washington Redskins offensive coordinator is not expected to return to the team next season and will look to strike out from under the coaching umbrella of his father, Mike Shanahanaccording to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

The decision by Shanahan that it is "no longer worth it" to coach under his father is one that should sit well with those within the Redskins organization, as reports continue to detail a rapidly deteriorating situation in Washington that will likely result in a complete coaching staff overhaul in the offseason.

According a report from CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora, Kyle Shanahan is at the heart of the dysfunction in the organization as an inexperienced coach allowed to run roughshod by his head-coach father.

"Kyle is the head coach, it's just that no one knows he is," said one member of the organization. "He gets whatever he wants. And he has no relationship at all with (quarterback Robert Griffin II). So how could it work?"

La Canfora details a situation in which there is no accountability surrounding the coaching staff, especially in regards to Kyle Shanahan, and that the overall inexperience of the staff has led to the mess that has derailed what was supposed to be a promising season. Former and current members of the organization state that nepotism and favoritism in hiring only good friends as coaches has created an environment that is certainly not conducive to winning.

Shanahan began his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an offensive quality control coach before moving to various assistant roles with the Houston Texans. He became the youngest offensive coordinator in the NFL when he was promoted to the position by the Texans in 2008, before taking the same position in Washington in 2010.

Reports have swirled in recent weeks of dysfunction within the Redskins coaching staff as well as a fractured relationship between Mike Shanahan and owner Dan Snyder, as well as quarterback Robert Griffin III. With the Redskins 3-10 on the season, Griffin has been benched the remainder of the year in favor of backup Kirk Cousins.

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