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Mike Shanahan wants to return to Redskins in 2014, will not resign

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The team will not attempt to fire the head coach for cause.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington head coach Mike Shanahan plans to return to the team in 2014 and will not resign from his position, Adam Schefter is reporting.

Shanahan reportedly has the stipulation of running the team "the way he wants," which could cause problems with owner Dan Snyder. The team will not attempt to fire the coach for cause, Schefter is reporting, and a legal source told the reporter Shanahan's $7 million contract is "ironclad." Previously, it was reported that Snyder was unwilling to buy out the remainder of the coach's contract, suggesting that there will be at least one more season of Shanahan in the nation's capital.

Washington is 3-10 this season, already eliminated from playoff contention and firmly in last place in the NFC East. Star quarterback Robert Griffin III has struggled this season, and Shanahan benched him in favor of Kirk Cousins amidst rumors of a damaged relationship between the two.

Washington is expected to have a top five pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, but traded their pick away in the original deal for Griffin.

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