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Kirk Cousins taking a beating against Falcons

Mike Shanahan's concerns about RGIII taking too many hits are looking rather legitimate.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

With Kirk Cousins plugged in as the starting quarterback instead of Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins are still looking like, well, the Washington Redskins.

Less than a week after giving up six sacks against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Redskins have allowed Cousins to be hammered early against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. Cousins was hit on three consecutive plays during the first quarter, the last of which was a sack fumble.

Here's Cousins taking a hard hit on a pass attempt.


Mike Shanahan cited the large numbers of hits on RGIII when deciding to bench the franchise quarterback for the remainder of the season, which is looking like a rather viable concern so far on Sunday. While Griffin rests on the sideline, Cousins is taking a beating at his expense.

The Redskins had allowed 24 sacks in their last five games coming into Sunday.

With Griffin inactive, Rex Grossman is listed as the backup quarterback. If these types of shots keep coming, we could see Grossman enter this one.

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