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Nick Foles flagged for peel-back block, negates Eagles touchdown

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Nick Foles threw a block that the league banned this year.

The Eagles had their first touchdown of the game, a beautiful 20-yard run by DeSean Jackson on a double reverse. But it came back because quarterback Nick Foles dropped down to block an oncoming defender low, the so-called peel-back block.

It just so happened that the NFL made those illegal this season. Here's the new rule:

"If a player who is aligned in the tackle box when the ball is snapped moves to a position outside the box, he cannot initiate contact on the side and below the waist against an opponent if: (a) the blocker is moving toward his own end line; and (b) he approached the opponent from behind or from the side.

"If the near shoulder of the blocker contacts the front of his opponent's body, the ‘peel back' block is legal."

That's the same kind of block that got Brian Cushing last season, tearing his ACL and ending his year.

The worst part is, he didn't really need to throw that block.