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Matt Asiata has 2 touchdowns in breakout game for Vikings

Replacing Adrian Peterson is almost impossible, but the second-year running back is finding a way.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings running back Matt Asiata is turning heads in Week 15 against the Philadelphia Eagles, lessening the absence of Adrian Peterson on Sunday.

Asiata has only picked up 36 yards on the ground, but he's made an impact where needed. The former Omaha Nighthawk running back has two touchdowns on the day, including a one-yard run to extend Minnesota's lead over the Eagles to 12 points.

The Vikings are currently shocking Philadelphia on the back on the team's short-yardage running game paired with the new-found reliability of Matt Cassel. The team has a recent history of playing teams close, despite already being eliminated from playoff contention. Now they have another chance to play spoiler. A win over the Eagles would hurt Philadelphia's playoff chances, and leave the door open for the Dallas Cowboys.

It remains to be seen if Peterson will be shut down of the remainder of the season as a precaution, but Asiata has shown he can be leaned on -- at least on short runs.

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