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Yes, Tony Romo interception Twitter truly is the best Twitter

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Romo schadenfreude.

Tom Pennington

It really is true. There's something so beautiful about football fans setting aside their differences and rooting interests to come together and cheer for Tony Romo to do exactly what we all hope that he'll do.

By all accounts he really seems like a nice guy, and he is a very talented quarterback despite his tendency to throw an interception when all eyes are on him. But let's take a moment to enjoy in our collective Cowboys schadenfreude anyway. We'll start out light.

Tune in next week while Dan uses this as an excuse to eat the most delicious bacon cheeseburger in New York City and makes everyone really hungry while they're at work.

Harfharfharfharfharfharfharf. Good one, Pete.

And la piece de resistance ...