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Redskins vs. Falcons 2013: Atlanta wins despite being 'unmitigated train wreck'

Atlanta held onto a narrow victory, dropping the Redskins and making the Rams smile.

Larry French

The Atlanta Falcons topped the Washington Redskins 27-26 at the Georgia Dome on Sunday afternoon, earning their fourth win of the season.

Of course, the main storyline was the benching of Robert Griffin III, giving Kirk Cousins his first start of the season. After falling behind 14-0, Cousins got rolling and showed folks around the league why he might be worth a high draft pick this offseason should Washington be open to trading him.

Cousins went 29 of 45 for 381 yards and three touchdowns against two interceptions. The former Michigan State star was finding Pierre Garcon with regularity, as Garcon caught seven passes for 129 yards and a score.

Over at Hogs Haven, Sean R. Patterson wrote about the good and bad from Cousins and the team:

The Redskins had seven turnovers in the game. Unacceptable. (two fumbles Alfred Morris, two fumbles Santana Moss, two interceptions and one fumble from Kirk Cousins.) Cousins played decently against a weak defensive unit. Not that surprising. I believe Pierre Garcon broke the Redskins reception record for a season. Kudos.

Atlanta did little more than win for pride and hurt its draft position. The Falcons move to 4-10 and a little closer to an offseason filled with questions including whether Mike Smith will be back.

Matt Ryan was solid if not spectacular on Sunday, completing 29 of 38 for 210 yards and a touchdown and interception.

Dave Choate of The Falcoholic wrote about what a disgrace this game was to the NFL:

It was a reminder that the season has been an unmitigated train wreck, and no matter how many times I manage to convince myself that they're turning a corner, it isn't happening. Whether you want them to win or lose or tie, you have to admit this has been painful to watch. I personally want the Falcons to win every game because I hate to watch them lose, but if you just want to see everything fall apart for the draft pick, it's awfully hard to blame you. It came awfully close to falling apart.

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