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NFL playoff picture 2013: Lions, Cowboys lose control of division races

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It was a week of missed opportunity for some, and that gives a new look to the playoff picture.

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The Detroit Lions had a chance to get the lead back in the NFC North with a win over the Baltimore Ravens in Week 15 on Monday Night Football.

Instead, a 61-yard field goal from Justin Tucker won the game for the Ravens and put the Lions in a desperate spot with only two weeks to play in the season.

For the Ravens, the win means hanging onto the final wild card spot in the AFC, which was momentarily occupied by the Miami Dolphins. Here's a look at the full playoff picture heading into the final two games of the season.

(X) - clinched playoff berth (Y) - clinched division

AFC playoff standings

No. 1 - (X) Denver 11-3

No. 2 -  New England 10-4

No. 3 - Cincinnati 9-5

No. 4 - (Y) Indianapolis 9-5

No. 5 - (X) Kansas City 11-3

No. 6 - Baltimore 8-6

In the hunt: Miami (8-6), San Diego (7-7), New York Jets (6-8), Pittsburgh (6-8)

The Chiefs clinched one of the AFC Wild Card spots by beating the Oakland Raiders. But Denver still controls the AFC West. Meanwhile, the final AFC Wild Card spot remains up for grabs. The Dolphins took over with a win on Sunday, but the Ravens took it right back on Monday. The Ravens have a tough game against the Patriots coming up, while the Chiefs and Colts will play in a game which will be key for Indy's seeding.

NFC playoff standings

No. 1 - (X) Seattle 12-2

No. 2 - New Orleans 10-4

No. 3 - Philadelphia 8-6

No. 4 - Chicago 8-6

No. 5 - Carolina 10-4

No. 6 - San Francisco 10-4

In the hunt: Arizona (9-5), Detroit (7-7), Dallas (7-7), Green Bay (7-6-1)

The NFC North and East division races are still largely up in the air. The Detroit Lions let the Packers back into the race with their loss. Both the Lions and Cowboys blew chances to take over their division races heading into the home stretch of the season. Two key games to watch in Week 16 are between the Eagles and Bears and between the Saints and Panthers.

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