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Week 16 NFL preview: Bears vs. Eagles

Both of these teams have explosive offenses. Both of their defenses suck. And both could make the playoffs. Thanks, lousy teams of the NFC North and East! Matt Ufford and the crew preview the game and make their picks.

The Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles share a lot of similarities as they head into their Week 16 matchup. Both are 8-6 and cling to slim leads in their divisions; the Bears over the 7-6-1 Packers and the Eagles over the 7-7 Cowboys. Both Chicago and Philadelphia have benefited from meltdowns by division opponents in Week 15; the Lions blew a late lead against the Ravens while Dallas imploded in the Romoception debacle. Finally, both teams in this matchup have critical games against division foes to close the season; the Bears against the Packers and the Eagles against the Cowboys.