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Steelers, Ravens players comment on Mike Tomlin interference

The league continues their investigation, but both teams are speaking out on Mike Tomlin's interference.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL continues to investigate Mike Tomlin's role in interfering with Jacoby Jones of the Baltimore Ravens on a Thanksgiving kick return. The Steelers head coach was on the field of play, prompting Jones to change his route -- now players and coaches from both sides are weighing in on the controversy.

Steelers safety Ryan Clark defended his coach Monday, saying Tomlin meant no harm.

"No intent at all," Clark said following the Steelers' first practice of the week. "If he had tripped him or tackled him it would have been a different story, but he didn't. When he noticed he was in the way, he dived away."

It's unclear what Tomlim knew when he was on the field of play. There's no questioning that he did indeed leap out of the way, but it's not as clear cut as Clark makes it appear. There is video of the Steelers coach staring at the video board at M&T Bank Stadium, making it unlikely he had no awareness of where he was.

The controversial play did not effect the outcome of the game, so the Baltimore Ravens are attempting to move forward. Head coach John Harbaugh is leaving the outcome in the league's hands.

"Truthfully, we've moved on. We have," Harbaugh said Monday. "It's out there and it's something that it's in the league's hands. It's been addressed a lot on every angle. I really don't have anything to add to it. It doesn't matter what I think or anybody else thinks. It is what it is, and the league will handle it."

It's unclear how the league will rule. A report Sunday indicated the Steelers could be penalized financially, or by loss of a draft pick.

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