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Saints vs. Seahawks, Monday Night Football: Live coverage, highlights & more

Join SB Nation's NFL crew for live analysis, highlights, discussion, jokes, camaraderie and lots more during Monday night's tilt between NFC titans.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Van Bibber [12:00 AM]:

calling it a night here, folks

eightyseven [11:55 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber more douchy/effective if imposed on the replacementrefsTD.gif

Ryan Van Bibber [11:53 PM]:

Charlie Gebow [11:51 PM]:

This whole thing has been a ploy by Pete Carroll to prove that Drew Brees is a lizard person, right?

Brandon 'B G' Garner [11:51 PM]:

@King in Canada yeah I hated to see that… but great performance from SEA

King in Canada [11:50 PM]:

tough luck about that consecutive passing record

eightyseven [11:47 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman It’s okay you can make it up to me later. 1/300

Rodger Sherman [11:45 PM]:

@eightyseven sorry it looks like all we had is whole wheat

Brandon 'B G' Garner [11:45 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman LMAO

Rodger Sherman [11:44 PM]:

Stephen White [11:44 PM]:

Vaccaro is going to be sooooo good in the years to come. Fearless

eightyseven [11:43 PM]:

@Clay Wendler CHRISTMAS er holiday NINJA

Stephen White [11:43 PM]:

Nothing you hate more at this point in the game when its cold and rainy than to have a team run Power O at you. Demoralizing

Clay Wendler [11:42 PM]:

Stephen White [11:42 PM]:

Power O

Matt Ufford [11:42 PM]:

Ah, the “Stanford” formation.

King in Canada [11:40 PM]:

great choice in head ref for this one, yikes if SNF amd MNF were swapped

Ryan Van Bibber [11:39 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman this season’s most criminally underused hashtag

Matt Ufford [11:39 PM]:

@eightyseven [applause]

eightyseven [11:39 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman I’ll forgive you if you make me a sandwich.

Rodger Sherman [11:37 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [11:36 PM]:


eightyseven [11:35 PM]:

No freak injuries per-lease

Stephen White [11:34 PM]:

Of course the Seahawks are tripping keeping Wilson in too. For why?!

eightyseven [11:33 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman brb changing my name to “girlslikesports2” /gross

Rodger Sherman [11:32 PM]:

@eightyseven sorry, its just i have so many male friends named “eightyseven”

eightyseven [11:32 PM]:

@mattufford Good I was getting ready to take the earrings off.

Stephen White [11:32 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber exactly!

Matt Ufford [11:30 PM]:

@eightyseven Er, those all-caps were meant for Rodger.

Stephen White [11:30 PM]:

If Brees takes another snap tonight the Saints are asking for trouble

Ryan Van Bibber [11:30 PM]:

@sgw94 and they have no need to rush him back until then with their schedule

eightyseven [11:30 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman And I can’t find the .gif it’s more poetic

Matt Ufford [11:30 PM]:


Mark Ennis [11:30 PM]:

@sgw94 strike up the band.

Stephen White [11:30 PM]:

Mike Bennett. Thanks Mark Dominik smh

Brandon 'B G' Garner [11:29 PM]:

@sgw94 I just hopes that he can actually get right… seems like there’s always a setback with him

eightyseven [11:29 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman Ms.

Stephen White [11:28 PM]:

The Seahawks did this tonight without Harvin. Imagine if his hip is healthy by the time the playoffs start.

eightyseven [11:28 PM]:

@Run Home Jack I DO CODING FOR FUN THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING wait that is just as embarrassing

Rodger Sherman [11:28 PM]:

that is what mr. 87 wanted

Rodger Sherman [11:28 PM]:

Brandon 'B G' Garner [11:27 PM]:

it will suffice, someone has to make a rage comic based on that one sooner or later..

Mark Ennis [11:27 PM]:

Saints can’t even get a screen pass off cleanly.

Charlie Gebow [11:26 PM]:

@eightyseven I believe just the URL will suffice

Ryan Nanni [11:26 PM]:

@eightyseven I believe in you!

eightyseven [11:26 PM]:

:( hiding now

eightyseven [11:26 PM]:

<img src=“”" src=“”/>"> I can’t post things fail

eightyseven [11:25 PM]:

Never forget <img src=“”" src=“”/>">

Ryan Van Bibber [11:24 PM]:

Super Bowl MVP: El Nino

Brandon 'B G' Garner [11:24 PM]:

@Mark Ennis yea i agree with him and whoever it was that said Wilson should come out… its over..

Stephen White [11:23 PM]:

If by bump in the road you mean “arse kicking” then I agree, Gruden

jokastrength [11:22 PM]:

Ryan- think that line will be too far in Seattle’s favor? or are they really this insanely good.

Mark Ennis [11:22 PM]:

Brandon 'B G' Garner [11:21 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Game of the Week candidate???

Ryan Van Bibber [11:21 PM]:

thinking ahead a little, Seahawks are in San Francisco next week

Brandon 'B G' Garner [11:19 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Yes you are certainly correct. He most definitely tried to do something very stupid there.

Stephen White [11:19 PM]:

Not saying the replacements are playing to Browners level, but this aint no Cooper in KC situation so far thats for sure.

Mark Ennis [11:18 PM]:

@Clay Wendler is it a subtitle when it’s above the guy speaking?

Ryan Van Bibber [11:18 PM]:

@Mark Ennis the Saints have had three plays of 10 yards or more

Rodger Sherman [11:17 PM]:

@Mark Ennis same thing for russell wilson, but, you know, the opposite

Matt Ufford [11:17 PM]:

Maxwell got hops

Mark Ennis [11:16 PM]:

When Brees lets it go I just assume it will be broken up/

Clay Wendler [11:16 PM]:

King in Canada [11:15 PM]:

yea noticed that

Clay Wendler [11:14 PM]:

did graham just run backwards trying to run someone over?

Stephen White [11:12 PM]:

Nobody, I don’t care what they say publicly, NOBODY wants to go to Seattle in the playoffs. Doesn’t look like they will have a choice though.

Ryan Van Bibber [11:10 PM]:

Stephen White [11:08 PM]:

These Seahawks dudes are getting off the ball like crazy. Im not sure that was an offsides either

Ryan Nanni [11:07 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [11:07 PM]:

Seattle’s defense plays like its own living organism. There’s nothing like it.

Stephen White [11:07 PM]:

Not sure Russ needs to be in there much longer either

Rodger Sherman [11:02 PM]:

oh, come on, refs. let russell have that illegal forward pass.

Brandon 'B G' Garner [11:02 PM]:

@Run Home Jack lol true… an epiphany of sorts.. huh…

Ryan Nanni [11:01 PM]:

@Mark Ennis It’s like he started a Grinch costume and then said “WAIT I KNOW!”

Clay Wendler [11:01 PM]:

are you saying seahulk resembles wilford brimley?

Mark Ennis [11:00 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [11:00 PM]:

This is what they get for releasing Chase Daniel.

Raymie Humbert [11:00 PM]:

Man, Russell is making a case for me to bench Peyton Manning and start him instead next week in fantasy

Matt Ufford [10:58 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Correct. Next on the depth chart is Jeremy Lane, who is ALSO pretty good.

Stephen White [10:56 PM]:

Yeah this aint good for Brees’ health

Ryan Van Bibber [10:56 PM]:

Maxwell’s the one that replaced Browner, right?

Mark Ennis [10:56 PM]:

@sgw94 Dude, you’re right. He’s gonna get killed.

sheri.parente [10:54 PM]:

I sure do love watching the Saints lose (0:

Charlie Gebow [10:54 PM]:

@Raymie Humbert Luke McCown according to the internets

Mark Ennis [10:53 PM]:

@Raymie Humbert pretty sure it’s still Bobby Hebert.

Raymie Humbert [10:53 PM]:

Who IS the Saints’ backup?

Stephen White [10:52 PM]:

How long does Payton leave Brees in at this rate? I would pull him soon

Charlie Gebow [10:51 PM]:

@eightyseven Such flags, very penalty

eightyseven [10:50 PM]:

@Mark Ennis needs more doge

Clay Wendler [10:49 PM]:

Adam Condra [10:48 PM]:

Came here b/c I don’t have cable and can’t see the game. Football by reaction is way more enjoyable :)

Mark Ennis [10:47 PM]:

eightyseven [10:47 PM]:

Dem’s the breaks.

Ryan Nanni [10:46 PM]:

You can never be on Twitter, Ed Hochuli. You can’t even be on Tumblr.

Clay Wendler [10:45 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [10:45 PM]:

Well that does it for me.

Mark Ennis [10:45 PM]:

The Seahawks even manage to score on accident.

Ryan Nanni [10:42 PM]:

Wait, what? Are they just making shit up out there?

Ryan Van Bibber [10:40 PM]:

Christ almighty, that pass …

Navy_Rebel [10:37 PM]:

Oh Ed, can’t you just shut up and let them play?!?

Ryan Van Bibber [10:36 PM]:

Someone needs to check on Pete Prisco

King in Canada [10:34 PM]:

5 continuous days of exhilarating football games, is that enough to cause a lil burnout?

Ryan Van Bibber [10:34 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [10:34 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [10:34 PM]:

It’s like watching a car wreck. Cant. Turn. Away.

Ryan Van Bibber [10:32 PM]:

@Navy_Rebel come on, stick around.

Navy_Rebel [10:30 PM]:

Thank you, satistics, for giving me another reason to go to bed early

King in Canada [10:29 PM]:

This game is everything I hoped it would be

Ryan Nanni [10:29 PM]:

@Navy_Rebel So, um, bad news…

Navy_Rebel [10:28 PM]:

Isn’t the Wranger commercial reserved for players close to retirement?

Stephen White [10:26 PM]:

Must have been a good halftime speech

Rodger Sherman [10:23 PM]:


Rodger Sherman [10:23 PM]:

Rodger Sherman [10:13 PM]:

@IsItFallYet? no, Michael Vick confirmed to 2 Chainz via Twitter that his legs are not broken:—nfl.html

IsItFallYet? [10:13 PM]:

@sgw94 Thanks, I thought the URL and the site itself looked kinda shady, but I also couldn’t figure why anyone would bother to make up up stuff about a has-been like Vick.

Ryan Nanni [10:12 PM]:

@sgw94 In fairness, 7 of these points were not his fault.

Stephen White [10:12 PM]:

So i take it rumors of Rob Ryan’s defensive genius have been greatly exaggerated, at least for tonight?

Stephen White [10:11 PM]:

@IsItFallYet? Hoax. They pull it every few weeks about another pro athlete or famous person

IsItFallYet? [10:11 PM]:

OT: Can anyone confirm this about Michael Vick breaking both legs in a car accident?[139833672829767]&action_type_map=[%22og.likes%22]&action_ref_map=[]

Clay Wendler [10:10 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [10:10 PM]:

2nd 0:13
Saints 7
Seahawks 27

Stephen White [10:08 PM]:

Oh, hey guys, pardon my tardiness. Guess I missed some Seahawk domination but Im locked and loaded for the second half

Clay Wendler [10:07 PM]:

the seahawks just won the SB

Ryan Van Bibber [10:06 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [10:06 PM]:

Seahawks fans actually caused an earthquake

Mark Ennis [10:06 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [10:05 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Schiano would yell at him then

Navy_Rebel [9:56 PM]:

Seattle is in a different zip code tonight

Navy_Rebel [9:54 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Graham would have caught it

Mark Ennis [9:54 PM]:

McCarron would’ve completed that pass.

Navy_Rebel [9:53 PM]:

Lack of urgency is disturibing

Clay Wendler [9:50 PM]:

that’s a pretty violent commercial for lunch meat on bread

Mark Ennis [9:50 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber I think Mike Glennon would fall down.

Ryan Van Bibber [9:48 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [9:48 PM]:

that was a pretty incredible play by Wilson, damn near had the TD. Imagine most other QBs trying to do that

Rodger Sherman [9:47 PM]:

@Clay Wendler wooooooooo record! until some other team decides to get hype about breaking it!

Mark Ennis [9:45 PM]:

Something particularly demoralizing about converting a 3rd and long with WR screens.

Clay Wendler [9:45 PM]:

Clay Wendler [9:45 PM]:


Rodger Sherman [9:45 PM]:

pretty sure they just showed an Avatar thing in the stands.

Ryan Nanni [9:44 PM]:

KENNEDY SHOT HIMSELF YOU IDIOT!” – Pete Carroll, to the side judge

Clay Wendler [9:44 PM]:

seriously insane throw off the back foot

Clay Wendler [9:43 PM]:

Mark Ennis [9:42 PM]:

Sorry I’m late, fellas.

Matt Ufford [9:41 PM]:

Russell Wilson’s deep ball is goddam beautiful

Ryan Nanni [9:41 PM]:

Good to hear Chicago might get Jay Cutler back soon. (He plays defense, right?)

Clay Wendler [9:35 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [9:35 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber oh lawd. dont remind me how worse it could be

Ryan Van Bibber [9:34 PM]:

wait …

Ryan Van Bibber [9:34 PM]:

Seahawks really miss Browner tonight

Navy_Rebel [9:32 PM]:

I feel a little better. But not much. I see failure in the future.

Clay Wendler [9:31 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [9:30 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Nice mugging tho

Ryan Nanni [9:30 PM]:

Yeah, you’re gonna have to make a better choice there, Richard.

Navy_Rebel [9:28 PM]:

Ed was pretty brief on that one

Rodger Sherman [9:25 PM]:

@Clay Wendler is the hair engineered to increase loudness?

Clay Wendler [9:24 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [9:24 PM]:

If Beetlejuice cheered for an NFL team it would be the Seahawks. (Sorry, Raiders.)

Rodger Sherman [9:24 PM]:

Gotta say it was pretty courteous of Seattle as an entity to finally complete that coach trade with USC. Although they could’ve given up a little bit more in return.

Ryan Van Bibber [9:22 PM]:

Secretary of Balloon Doggies [9:17 PM]:

Pete Carroll was created in a lab to annoy Jim Harbaugh

Ryan Van Bibber [9:16 PM]:

solid coverage there by the Saints …

Ryan Nanni [9:15 PM]:

1st 1:55

Navy_Rebel [9:13 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [9:12 PM]:

can I put my bag on now?

Ryan Van Bibber [9:12 PM]:

@mattufford ah

Navy_Rebel [9:12 PM]:

@Run Home Jack like butter

Matt Ufford [9:11 PM]:

Zach Miller: you sir, are no Marshawn Lynch.

Ryan Nanni [9:11 PM]:

Oh damn that was pretty.

Matt Ufford [9:09 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Workout of the Day. It’s a CrossFit term.

Ryan Nanni [9:07 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [9:07 PM]:

You know Ed Hochuli is ITCHING to sing a call one of these days.

Navy_Rebel [9:06 PM]:

Is it me, or is that the second time there’s been a Seattle offside not called?

Ryan Van Bibber [9:06 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [9:06 PM]:

From our research department …

Ryan Van Bibber [9:06 PM]:

@Navy_Rebel guitar? What does WOD mean?

Clay Wendler [9:03 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [9:03 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber what is Jimmy playing on the board you think?

Ryan Van Bibber [9:02 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [9:02 PM]:

That was an interfumble

Navy_Rebel [9:01 PM]:

I’m disgusted and bemused

Matt Ufford [9:01 PM]:

Clearly this works, beer commercial.

Clay Wendler [9:01 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [9:00 PM]:

The Hulk is so happy he just turned into Bruce Banner

Matt Ufford [8:59 PM]:

I would like to express my pleasure: hooray.

Navy_Rebel [8:58 PM]:

And that’s your ballgame folks

Ryan Nanni [8:58 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [8:54 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Weirdly, however, he hasn’t lost a fumble in opposing territory all year.

Navy_Rebel [8:52 PM]:

Dennis Miller “Marshawn Lynch should wear #666”

SeattleTeamGear [8:52 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [8:51 PM]:

Marshawn Lynch has to lead the NFL in redzone fumbles.

Ryan Van Bibber [8:51 PM]:

let’s suit up Fred Couples

Ryan Van Bibber [8:50 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [8:50 PM]:

Did Pete Carrol get the Double Bubble advertisement contract?

Navy_Rebel [8:48 PM]:

@Matt Ufford give him time. give him time

Ryan Nanni [8:47 PM]:

What if the crowd is so noisy Rob Ryan thinks he’s at a rock concert? He’s gonna headbang, right?

Matt Ufford [8:47 PM]:

Is Roman Harper mad he wasn’t getting burned or something?

Ryan Van Bibber [8:46 PM]:


An illustrated guide to playing cornerback

Who’s the best corner in the NFL right now? Richard Sherman would tell you that he is, and he makes a good case for it.

Rodger Sherman [8:46 PM]:

@Run Home Jack this one time freshman year i — awwwww man, i always get so excited

Matt Ufford [8:45 PM]:

If Wilson was moving forward at the snap, isn’t that a penalty? SHHH SHUT UP MATT

Secretary of Balloon Doggies [8:44 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber I’m sure there’s a combination of spices you have to marinate in before he makes you into a sandwich.

Ryan Van Bibber [8:44 PM]:

whatever happened to Colston this year?

Ryan Nanni [8:44 PM]:

I still just want more tales of Richard Sherman, Dorm Resident.

Clay Wendler [8:43 PM]:

Matt Ufford [8:42 PM]:

That play pleased me.

Ryan Van Bibber [8:41 PM]:

Are there written guidelines for being a Gruden Grinder?

Ryan Nanni [8:36 PM]:

They’re all the Browns game thread.

Ryan Van Bibber [8:34 PM]:

is this the Browns game thread?

Ryan Nanni [8:33 PM]:

Hooray not another NFC East game!