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Seahawks' defense gets on the scoreboard, a bad trend for New Orleans

Seattle's defense is off to an excellent start against New Orleans on Monday night, including a defensive touchdown by Michael Bennett.

Cliff Avril applied pressure on Drew Brees, hitting Brees' arm and causing the ball to pop up in the air. Bennett caught it, then used a couple of nifty moves to get to the edge and into the endzone. You can see a GIF of the play here.

While the play put Seattle up 10-0, it could also be a bad sign for the Saints if history repeats itself. The Seahawks have won 13 straight games when scoring a defensive touchdown, according to Pro Football Reference. Seattle has never lost when scoring a defensive touchdown in the Pete Carroll era and you have to go all the way back to 2008 to find the last time it happened.

There is still a lot of game to be played, but Seattle is off to a good start in making it 14 straight.