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Seahawks break Guinness crowd noise record vs. Saints

For the third time this year, there is a new crowd noise record.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The crowd at CenturyLink Field in Seattle was the loudest crowd in history on Monday night.

During the Seahawks' Week 14 game against the New Orleans Saints, the noise level reached 137.6 decibels, breaking the previous mark of 137.5 decibels set at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City back in October. The record-breaking moment came in the second quarter.

This is actually the second time this season the Seahawks have broken the record. The first was during a September home game against the 49ers. The record Seattle initially broke was from a soccer match in Turkey. When the Chiefs broke the record in October, the Monday night showdown against the Saints seemed like an obvious time to try and one-up the Chiefs again.

And so they did. The Guinness Book of World Records will now have CenturyLink Field as the loudest crowd of all time. Until, of course, someone else tries to break it. We're looking at you, Chiefs fans.

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