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NFL playoff picture: Eagles win over Bears sets up play-in games against Cowboys, Packers

The winner of Eagles-Cowboys and Bears-Packers will be headed to the playoffs. The losers' season will come to an end.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears had a chance to clinch the NFC North and a playoff spot on Sunday night. Instead, Marc Trestman's team spent the night watching the Eagles run down the field toward the end zone in a 54-11 loss. Philadelphia's win sets up a pair of winner take all games for Week 17 to determine both the NFC North and East championships.

Here is a look at the NFL's playoff picture.

NFC playoff standings

No. 1 - Seattle 12-3

No. 2 - Carolina 11-4

No. 3 - Philadelphia 9-6

No. 4 - Chicago 8-7

No. 5 - San Francisco 10-4

No. 6 - New Orleans 10-5

In the hunt: Arizona 10-5, Green Bay 7-7-1, Detroit 7-8, Dallas 8-7

The Seahawks had a chance to clinch the No. 1 seed and the NFC West on Sunday, but their first home loss of the year to Arizona will require them to beat the Rams if they want to be the top seed. The same goes for the Panthers and the No. 2 seed; if they can beat Atlanta on the road, they will win the South and clinch a first round bye.

There will essentially be two division title games in Week 17: the winner of Eagles-Cowboys in Dallas and Bears-Packers in Chicago will be headed to the playoffs. The losers will be left out regardless of what else happens.

As for the wild card, a 49ers win over the struggling Falcons on Monday night will clinch a playoff berth. If the Saints beat the Buccaneers next Sunday, they'll get the final wild card spot. If they lose and the Cardinals are able to beat San Francisco in Week 17, Arizona will be headed to the playoffs.

AFC playoff standings

No. 1 - (Y) Denver 12-3 (AFC West champion)

No. 2 - (Y) New England 11-4 (AFC East champion)

No. 3 - (Y) Cincinnati 10-5 (AFC North champion)

No. 4 - (Z) Indianapolis 10-5 (AFC South champion)

No. 5 - (X) Kansas City 11-4 (Wild Card)

No. 6 - Miami 8-7 (Wild Card)

In the hunt: Baltimore 8-7, San Diego 8-7, Pittsburgh 7-8

The AFC's playoff outlook is a bit clearer than the NFC's. The Broncos blew out the Texans on Sunday, and with the Colts knocking off the Chiefs at Arrowhead, Denver clinched the AFC West title for the second year in a row. If they beat Oakland next weekend, they'll be the No. 1 seed. If the Patriots beat Buffalo and the Broncos lose, Tom Brady and co. will be the top seed.

The Colts are quietly sitting at 10-5 and could climb as high as the No. 2 seed if they can beat the Jaguars and New England loses. Should the Bengals lose and the Colts win, Indianapolis will be the No. 3 seed. If all three teams finish with 11-5 record, the Bengals get the second seed, while the Colts would be No. 3 and the Patriots would be No. 4

As for the wild card, Kansas City has locked up the No. 5 spot.

If Miami, Baltimore and San Diego all win, the Dolphins will get the final wild card spot. If the Ravens win and the Dolphins or Chargers lose, they're in. The Chargers are in if they win and both Baltimore and Miami lose. The Steelers are in if they win and the other three teams lose.

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