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Jim Schwartz faces hot seat, questions about future with Lions

One of the most embattled coaches of the season now deals with the very serious possibility he will be canned.

Gregory Shamus

Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz is likely not having the type of holiday season he was hoping for.

Schwartz's Lions have lost five of their last six games, dropping to 8-7 on the season and being eliminated from postseason contention. According to the team's official web site, Schwartz dodged the issue of just how hot that seat under him is after the latest loss, a 23-20 overtime defeat to the lowly New York Giants.

"This is the truth, speculation is not my business," he said. "My business is coaching the team and trying to keep the team focused.

"I think that that’s a job enough without having to worry about the other stuff. Where we were, we can’t worry about where we were because it’s where you are in the present. We came up short today. We make no excuses for it."

In Schwartz's four-year tenure as Detroit's coach, the Lions have only made the playoffs once and are yet to win a playoff game for the first time this century. Widely regarded as one of the most talented teams in football, the Lions continuously fail for a lack of discipline both in the forms of penalties and turnovers.

Perhaps the discipline is lacking because a grown man, who should be focused on the game which means everything to his, and his team's future, is doing this:


This was taken as the clock was being wound down by Detroit to force overtime. "What the BLANK are you booing at?!" probably wasn't the best route to go here.

Maybe this is the reason Detroit is second only to the Giants with 34 turnovers. The Lions are also a -14 in turnover margin, ranking ahead of only, again, the Giants in the NFC.

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