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Patriots vs. Ravens 2013: Nobody will give Tom Brady a high five, Ravens still alive in playoff hunt

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Would someone give Tom some skin already? This is getting embarrassing.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, Tom Brady's New England Patriots man-handled the defending wold champion Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, but that's not enough to cover up the shame and lonliness the quarterback is undoubtedly feeling after being denied high fives yet again by his teammates.

On the same day that Peyton Manning broke his single-season touchdown record, Touchdown Tom was left hanging not once, but twice during the game. Pats Pulpit has the gifs to prove it.

First it was LeGarrette Blount:


Then it was everyone else:

Will Brady ever find happiness in a high five? Will a teammate ever grant Brady the one thing he clearly wants out of this season? Find out next time, in "Week 17: Brady Does Buffalo"!

The Ravens have bigger concerns than high-fives. The loss handed the AFC North to the Bengals, but thanks to a Week 17 loss by the Dolphins, the Ravens are still in the running for a playoff berth. Victor Hensley at Baltimore Beatdown breaks down the AFC wild card scenario and the Ravens' chances of making the postseason.

It may be hard for them to do, but it's possible. The four playoff teams in the hunt are the Ravens (8-7), Chargers (8-7), Dolphins (8-7), and Steelers (7-8). As of now, the Dolphins own the sixth seed in the AFC.

Here are the things that could get the Ravens into the playoffs in Week 17:

A win + losses by either the Dolphins OR the Chargers.
A loss + losses by the Dolphins, Chargers, AND Steelers.

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